How To Run Android Apps On PC With Windroy


Run Android Apps on PC Windroy

Just a few years ago, no one knew that Android will become such a well regarded mobile operating system among consumers. The ground breaking software, which now powers millions of smartphones and tablets around the globe, is one of the most lucrative work ever come out of Google’s camp.

If you haven’t yet played around with Android on a device that natively supports it, fortunately, there’s a great program now that let you test drive it on your Windows machine. The software is called  Windroy and is fairly powerful to run Android apps on PC as native applications as well as handle all Android features. Read on to find how it works.

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Windroy – The Simplest Solution To Run Android Apps On PC

Running Android on a notebook or desktop isn’t a novel concept. You will find a handful of emulators and virtual machines that enable you to boot Android on a PC in one way or another. But what makes Windroy different from its competitors is its ease of use. The application provides one click process jumping from Windows to a full-fledged Android environment. Supporting Windows XP, 7 and 8 out of the box, it allows you to not only execute Android apps on Windows but also use every other component of the operating system. As of this writing, Windroy lets you run Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Run Android Apps On PC With Windroy

When executed, Windroy presents a command prompt window that loads the required components then boots up Android in full screen mode. You’re then introduced with a familiar lock screen that was first seen in ICS Android 4.0. If you don’t have a touchscreen enabled device or a computer, such as Surface Pro, Windroy lets you use your mouse to navigate the interface. In other words, everything that can be done on a native Android device can be done in Windroy.


From web browsers, music players, games, eBook readers to Angry Birds, everything works smooth and steady. One of the most interesting thing about Windroy is that it has exactly the same user experience as found in the stock Android, which means you won’t have to deal with any Touchwiz or HTC Sense-like skins and nor any bloatware. You can easily swipe through the home screens and hop onto the app drawer or notification panel whenever needed.


The app drawer, of course, also sports the same looks as vanilla Android user experience. The status bar is present at the bottom. Within the app drawer, you can easily navigate between apps and widgets and place your desired ones on the home screen for easy access.


During testing, I tried giving the search feature a go using the native on-screen keyboard of Android to type in a few things and hit enter, and to no surprise it worked just it’s supposed to. So was the build-in web browser which did a great job rendering web pages within seconds.


Right now Windroy doesn’t let you run Google Play Store to download apps due incompatibility issues. However, you can easily side-load apps by placing the APK files in Windroy\windroy_root\data\app folder, which in turn automatically installs Android apps and lets you execute them within Windroy.


SocketQ, the team behind Windroy, is currently working on Jelly Bean version, though there’s no information yet about when it might arrive. But even in its current state, Windroy is a great application that can easily handle many Android features and apps.

Windroy Soundhound

Windroy is completely free to use application that is compatible with Windows only. For questions and feedback, use the comments section below.


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  • feynor

    Contains a trojan.
    “Win32:Agent-ARNY [Trj]“

    • Bob C.

      I hit the same problem. I downloaded it from legitimate sites and each download had the same trojan hit (ARNY). It apparently has to do with the ELF_Loader routine. It could be a false positive. The Windroy developers need to get with the security scan people and either whitelist Windroy or find out what is causing th problem.

      • ashu

        same problem also accur after removing avast

    • feynor

      FYI, It is Avast! Antivirus that detected the trojan.

    • Editorial Staff

      We always check our links for any viruses. Make sure you use links provided directly from within our site.

    • StevAdel

      You got yours from an unreliable source. Maybe you should get it directly from the Producers.

      • feynor

        I was.

  • Pupun CheZter

    hey buddy, this really helped me to run android apps on my windows 8.

    • Editorial Staff

      You’re welcome, Pupan CheZter.

  • Corbin Davenport

    This is obviously fake. The article doesn’t even have screenshots of the program (just screenshots of Android from a tablet). Use BlueStacks and don’t get this trojan-infested piece of garbage.

    • Editorial Staff

      The screenshots were taken straight from Windroy. It’s clearly mentioned in the article that Windroy boots Android in full screen mode. Did you try this app?
      And yes, Bluestacks is another great application for running Android apps on computer but it doesn’t let you run the Android operating system itself which Windroy does.

      • Corbin Davenport

        I don’t want to risk my computer to try out an app that others have reported contains a trojan virus. And if you want to run the full-blown Android OS on Windows, why don’t you just run Android x86 inside of VirtualBox or QEMU?

        • Jeremy T. Gibson

          Because that’s back into emulation again. This is a native Windows application, the Android system software running directly on the Windows kernel. That means you get to take full advantage of the computer’s processor and video rendering power, among other things, instead of having to run a hardware abstraction layer.

          Also, Microsoft Security Essentials has no complaints about the program, so I’m inclined to think that it’s a false positive from an overly pessimistic heuristic in other AV/AMW/ASW software.

          My only complaint so far about the software? Totally undocumented. The product information tells you what it can do but never tells you how to do it. The fact that the creator has gone dark strongly suggests that the creator and/or Google and/or Microsoft are having words with one another, as well — and gut instinct tells me the words wouldn’t be nice. =)

    • StevAdel

      It’s not fake, Corbin. I installed it before even reading this post and it worked. The only drawback is absence of Play Store.

  • Er Devesh Goyal

    nyc sofware but i am facing a problem . my aps r not running with it….. plz help

    • Editorial Staff

      Which apps did you try on it? Apps must be copied to Windroywindroy_rootdataapp folder. Then make sure you reset Windroy.


      • Mdr AVi

        ho do we reset Windroy??

        • Editorial Staff

          What do you mean by reset?

      • Er Devesh Goyal

        thanx for the help but its not working…….

        only icons come on the app drawer but application done not start…..i think it is not intalled in the system……n plz give a default file manager in the system so that wwe can install any app manualy from mounted sdcard given in the sytem ……i tried to installed it but only icon comes :( :( plz help…

  • Sumit Awasthi

    it is not working..only android icon is showing on full screen.. :( :(

    • Er Devesh Goyal

      yes my point is same…. only icon comes on the app drawer but application do no starts…..

  • heterodox

    Wow… What a piece of crap! I installed Windroy to “C:Program Files (x86)Windroy”, then tried to run it, and it refused, complaining that the path had spaces in it! What year is it? I don’t want your crapware installed to my root directory, thanks.

    • StevAdel

      Try installing in its folder directly on ‘C’, not in program files.

  • Aries Amit

    trying to install it on win-xp sp3. Error : “The procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located…” Plz help!

    • ashu

      same problem

      • Editorial Staff

        Sorry to hear. Please check your system

    • aditya

      same problem i m having.. System config: windows xp, SP3 1 gb ram

  • mpho

    i can not download the file

  • samu moulana

    nice apps…… my computer change to android… i can install any apps… but i cant insert media file like video and audio photos

    • Editorial Staff

      Good to hear

      • Shofa Nur Hanifa

        How to insert any media file?

  • Muneer Ahmad

    @Waqas Bhai: It shows just a white screen after the command prompt..what is missing?

    • Editorial Staff

      Which operating system do you use?

      • Muneer Ahmad


        • Editorial Staff

          It should work then.

          • Muneer Ahmad

            It’s not working for me..any other suggestions?
            my fav game is out and I can’t play it as I don’t have android..:(

      • Reginald Sackey

        Am also using Win 7. I installed winroy and have been trying to run it. But the best I could get is a white full screen after the winroy comand prompt so please help me out

  • Ashok

    I installed Whatsapp, It worked for 1st time and stopped working when I restrated. No app is working after restart saying App_process.exe stopped working or some other error. Pls help

  • Tracy Rede

    Totally useless.
    - No Google Play installed
    - Unable to be connected with ADB
    - Unable to change the resolution of the screen
    - Avast! said that one of the file has Trojan inside.

    • TheStumblingBlock

      I even went so far as to call the virus detection a false positive. Agreed. There is no way to get anything done, no way to change the size of the window because it wants the entire screen, and I just don’t want that. This thing is messed up.

      • StevAdel

        Sorry for that; but to fix the entire window stuff, right click on ‘My Computer’, then select ‘Properties’. Choose ‘Advanced system settings’. Again click on ‘Environment variables’. Click on New to add new variable. Type ‘WINDROY_RESOLUTION’ as the variable name and specify your disired resolution as the value(e.g 800X600). Click ‘OK’ and restart your Windroy. Hope this helps somebody.

  • ncmanzo21

    genymotion is better than either bluestacks or this

  • TheStumblingBlock

    I’d love to tell you how well it works. I can’t. I don’t know. It doesn’t run. Except full screen where I can’t even get it to do anything. I keep finding people praising this thing, but all efforts to try it out have left me far from impressed. I give up on this thing.

    • Editorial Staff

      Sorry to hear that mate. Did you follow all the instructions?

  • Chetan

    where to put obb files

  • ashu

    whlie opening windroy camandpramot show a error [could not get wglGetExtensionsStringARB]…and then it closed automatically.

  • lop

    no obb folder? hmm..

  • Editorial Staff

    Glad it helped you :)

  • Lame Yo

    I cannot run the program as it says “failed to create context 0×3005″

  • Lame Yo

    Please help me

  • Editorial Staff

    We’re glad it helped.


    I really thank you for this tutorial. I have installed windroy and tried to use some apps.
    I noticed that every time it rotate the screen, but only with the apps I installed by myself, not with the default ones.
    this happen also when the rotation is disabled. I tried to use ctrl F9F10F11F12 but nothing changed.
    It is very annoying.
    Any tips?

  • shahrukh

    i am not able to switch on wifi and clash of clan is also not working please do help

  • shahrukh

    neither do subway surfer

  • shahrukh

    else its a very nice app

  • Ajit Dubey

    Just installed Windroy, downloaded apk of Whatsapp, but it is giving me error. Not able to run #whatsapp.. can you please see the image and guide me what to do? Please !!!!111

  • Ajit Dubey

    I am running Windows 7 x64, 2nd Gen Core i5 Processor and other specs are also good, due to bluestacks I’ve already updated my graphics drivers, why is the error then.

  • kubolek01
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