Top 5 Benefits Of Rooting An Android Device


Rooting an Android device is a practice that has been gaining a lot of popularity. But its actually a practice that people have been performing for a very long time. Initially it was limited to hardcore users since the procedure was complicated and risky. However over the past few years simpler methods to rooting have been developed leading to its general acceptance among the wider population. The process itself can be compared to breaking the shackles, and ... Read More

5 Best Galaxy S5 Cases For Your New Samsung Flagship Phone


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most eagerly anticipated phones of this year. Announced at the Mobile World Congress, this new flagship phone from Samsung has now begun to make its way to store shelves around the world. And at nearly $700 for a unit, it is definitely not a bargain. Then there are contracts, which usually last for at least two years. Needless to say, most people will spend at least a couple ... Read More

4 Best Note Taking Apps Showdown, Which One Should You Use?


With our smartphones, tablets and computers practically taking over our lives, it has become an increasingly common practice to use any of these devices to jot down notes. Physical notebooks, sticky notes or ink pens are a thing of the past. There is a great variety of apps available on mobile, desktop and the web that do a fantastic job of organizing your life. Some of these apps are simple to use with a basic ... Read More

How To Root Sony Xperia Z2 And Install CWM Recovery


Sony may have played the role of the underdog for the past few years, but come 2014 that is about to change. No longer is Japan’s biggest electronics manufacturer looking to settle for the third spot. And that is what the Xperia Z2 is about. And when it comes to features, Sony has really thrown in the kitchen sink. The Xperia Z2 carries all the latest technology prowess; a full HD 5-inch screen packed with ... Read More

25 Best Websites Of The Month – April 2014 Edition


This is one of those days when we bring you the best of the web. If you haven’t been with us, the aim of this series is to present best websites scattered across the web – ranging from free photo editors to awesome blogging tools to online video streaming services and everything in between. We showcase a variety of useful web and mobile apps for our readers so they don’t have to find them on ... Read More

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F With CF-Auto-Root


Last month at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung unveiled its new flagship phone for 2014. The Galaxy S5 is an impressive device as we have seen, and Samsung will hope it sells as well as the phone it has replaced. We’re almost certain that millions of people will flock to purchase the Galaxy S5 as soon as it hits the market. And amongst these people will be those who will plan to root the phone ... Read More

How To Root HTC One M8 And Install TWRP Recovery


HTC One M8 is shaping up to be the hottest phone of this year. HTC has clearly left no stone unturned to ensure that their new flagship is the best one you would be able to get. And you can actually get the phone right now if you’re in one of the few lucky markets. As it is with most Android phones, there are people who would not use their device a day without rooting ... Read More

New HTC One M8 Teardown Revealed It Is The Second-least Repairable Smartphone


The new HTC One M8 is one of the most beautiful looking phones available in the market today. HTC has always had the props to produce great looking hardware, and they did not disappoint with their new flagship. We’re sure many of you may be lining up to purchase this phone in the coming days. And we’re sure many of us will eventually end up dropping it, or breaking it some way or another. Accidents ... Read More

Everything You Need To Know About The New HTC One M8 2014


It is no secret that HTC has had a very tough time lately when it comes to their financial strength as a company. Despite regularly churning out great looking phones, its sales, revenues and profits continue to tumble. Against the marketing might of Samsung, HTC needs to produce something truly out of the ordinary in the increasingly crowded Android market. Last year, we saw HTC One making headlines for its beautiful looks and built quality. ... Read More

How To Connect iPhone And iPad To Your HDTV?


Even though smartphones in the past year or two have become our go-to devices for multimedia uses, there are still times when only a large screen TV will cut it. After all, no phone is ever going to replace the beauty of that 60-inch screen in your living room, right? OEMs have historically provided different ways to seamlessly connect our smartphones to our televisions. Most Android phones only require a micro-USB to HDMI (MHL) cable ... Read More

50 Best Free Android Apps Of All Time


There are over a million apps on the Google Play Store. And the number is increasing every day. Android commands over 80% of all the smartphones in the world. These are colossal numbers. If you’re new to Android, the Play Store can be a little overwhelming. We’re going to make it a little easier for you by listing down 50 of the best free Android apps on the Play Store. Not only are these apps ... Read More

7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone Battery


Smartphones have come a long way in the past few years. The CPUs and GPUs powering them are more powerful than ever before. The screens have more pixels than you could ever need, and the camera has more mega pixels than any screen you may have. But the same cannot be said about the battery powering these devices. Unfortunately, we’re still living in an age where we have to manage our smartphone’s battery usage in ... Read More

New Features In iOS 7.1 And How To Upgrade Your iPhone And iPad


Last year, Apple released iOS 7 for all its iDevices ranging back to the iPad 2 and iPhone 4, while iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C already came with the latest version out of the box. iOS 7 is the biggest update to the half a decade old mobile OS Apple has ever released. With a brand new UI and tons of new functionality, the fruit logo company described it as having a new iPhone altogether. ... Read More

The 5 Best Android Tablets For Budget Buyers


Over the past few years we’ve seen the iPad dominate the tablet market. And Android did not really have as strong a foothold as it has in the smartphone race. However within the past 12 to 15 months, a shift in the trend can be seen. Android tablets gaining popularity as more and more OEMs are joining the bandwagon. There can be many reasons attributed to this change. One of them is the market for ... Read More

50 Best Free iOS Apps Of All Time


If there is one thing the iPhone and iPad are really popular for, it’s the App Store. The App Store is home to over a million apps now catering to every genre. Over the course of past 5 years, Apple has added tons of new features to its mobile operating system, and have made the iOS SDK more robust than ever before. This has allowed developers to create high quality apps for the platform. Not ... Read More

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