Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services From One Dashboard With MultCloud

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Cloud storage isn’t a novel concept anymore and services like SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and SugarSync have simplified it quite nicely. Each cloud service has something unique about it; some offer a ton of storage, while others tout exquisite features and design. That said, with so many choices at our disposal, using more than a single option does make sense. However, when you use a bunch of cloud services to host your files, it becomes tedious to access and manage them; jumping from one website to another or using multiple desktop or mobile clients. MultCloud is a free web service that lets you manage multiple cloud storage services under one intuitive dashboard.

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The service allows you to merge your cloud accounts and handle them via a single dashboard. All you have to do is create a MultCloud account and link your existing cloud drives which includes Dropbox,, SugarSync, SkyDrive, Google Drive and AmazonS3 to the service.

To get started, head over to MultCloud website and click Sign Up to create your free account after providing your email, user name and password credentials. The web app also requires email verification before you can start using it, so make sure you check your inbox for activation email and follow instructions provided in it to verify your account.


The main dashboard of MultCloud looks clean and simple, and lets you add your desired online storage via selecting it from the available options. Clicking any of the service brings up the Display Name field where you can type a custom name of your choice for that account followed by clicking Add. Each screen is essentially the same and each cloud service requires API permission to link itself with MultCloud.


For instance, if you want to connect your Dropbox, you will need to sign in to your account and allow MultCloud to be able to access your cloud files and folders.


Added cloud accounts appear to the left side and you can click on any service from list to access its pertaining files. In essence, MultCloud gives plenty of control and flexibility over your cloud drives by easily letting you manage your data. For instance, you can upload or download, rename, cut, copy and delete your files, as well as add or remove custom folders. Not only that, but you can also share your files with your contacts via email.


All in all, a really nice web app to access and manage multiple cloud storage services with ease, and we’d like to see a mobile app of some sorts take control of the service from phone or tablet.

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