How To Disable All Chrome Extensions With One Click

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If you’re a power Google Chrome user, chances are you may have installed a large number of Chrome extensions on your computer.

Now there’s nothing with installing heaps of extensions, power users like to do that. That way they can use all those advanced features that Chrome has to offer. If there’s ever a shortcoming in its native functionality, they simply fill up the gap with a third-party extension.

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Why Disable All Extensions?

Now why would you ever want to disable all extensions at once anyway? You might ask.

You see, some Chrome extensions act up quite buggy at times, turning Chrome’s user experience fairly non-intuitive, clunky, or worst, entirely non-functional for the end users.

If you recently installed loads of different third party extensions in your browser and there seems to be one not acting up quite as well then the best solution would be to disable all Chrome extensions and then enable them individually to identify the one causing the problem.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome doesn’t come with an option to disable all extensions in one go, which means if someone is using many different extensions on their browser then they’ll probably have to spend a life-time disabling each one.

So if you ever find yourself stuck in a similar situation, you need something like One-Click Extensions Manager

Disable All Chrome Extensions With One-Click Extensions Manager

One-Click Extensions Manager is a free Chrome extension that lets you enable or disable all Chrome extensions at once using a conveniently provided button.

Once installed, One-Click Extensions Manager creates a small icon next to the address bar. Clicking this icon opens a drop down menu from where when you click Disable all extensions, the extension immediately turns off all active extensions except itself. After disabling the extensions, you can turn them all back on in a similar fashion via clicking Enable all extensions

. Disable-All-Chrome-Extensions_One-Click-Extensions-Manager

Besides enabling and disabling the extensions in one go, One-click Extensions Manager offers another handy feature. And that is the ability to toggle each extension individually and/or remove it from Chrome from the same menu.

Left-clicking on an extension enables or disables its active behavior, while right-clicking allows you to uninstall it from your web browser. It does ask you to confirm the uninstall action twice to keep you from accidentally removing an extension.


One-Click Extensions Manager works on all stable versions of Google Chrome. It’s available for free at the Chrome Web Store.

What would you do in a similar situation? Is there another way to disable all extensions? 

Do let us know using comments section.

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