8 Best Email Clients For Windows That Will Save You Time And Shoot Up Your Productivity

8 Best Email Clients For Windows That Will Save You Time And Shoot Up Your Productivity

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The secret behind increased productivity is to use the available resources as efficiently as possible. The same goes for desktop based email apps. Having a dedicated email client not only helps you manage your inbox without having to fire up your web browser, it also lets you effectively handle multiple email accounts and as a result save a ton of your precious time. However, a lot of people simply get confused when it comes to picking the best email client for Windows operating system. While the best in this case may vary for each one’s own perspective, here’s a list of 8 free email apps that are worth checking out.

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1. eM Client


eM Client is one of the best email clients for Windows which is also very popular. It supports very simple interface that makes it intuitive to use. The application can easily handle multiple email accounts, though the free version limits you to add up to two accounts only. This limitation aside, eM Client comes with many nifty features such as ability to import your emails, tasks, events and contacts from other email apps, SSL / TLS communication for full security, Skype support, easy account setup, support for Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail and other popular email services, and more.


  • A plethora of features for managing email, calendar, contacts and IMs
  • Easily handle multiple email accounts including Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail
  • Ability to import data from your current email app
  • An RSS widget and full Skype integration
  • Simple interface and user-friendly interface
  • Three different skins; Modern, Classic and Arctic


  • Free version only lets you add two email accounts
  • Cold boot takes a lot of time

2. Zimbra


If you’re struggling to keep up with your emails then Zimbra is another handy option. What makes it standout from eM Client is its tab interface which makes it easier to jump to the required features it offers. Besides email accounts, Zimbra also allows you to keep a tab on your social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. The interface may look outdated compared to today’s standards, but the application does a great job of managing your inbox and works great with services like Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft exchange out of the box.


  • Works offline and online
  • Allows you to read email from POP or IMAP accounts including AOL and Outlook
  • Supports up to 20 different languages
  • Tabbed interface makes it easier to navigate
  • Unlimited email accounts support
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
  • Facebook and Twitter support


  • The GUI looks a bit outdated compared to today’s standards
  • The interface feels cluttered at times
  • High memory usage

3. Windows Live Mail


With Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail app, you can easily manage and organize your different email accounts. This app is also one of the fastest desktop email clients I’ve seen. It loads up really fast – faster than both clients listed above – and boasts a dead simple UI. Windows Live Mail supports all popular email providers including Yahoo mail, Outlook and Gmail, as well as many other business email services. Besides email accounts, it lets you manage your calendars and contacts, even when you’re offline.


  • Light weight design makes it load up fast even on cold boot
  • Low memory foot print
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Support for all major email services;  Gmail and Yahoo mail
  • Lets you handle unlimited number of email accounts as well as calendar and contacts
  • Ability to manage RSS feeds


  • Not as feature-laden as many other alternatives

4. Opera Mail


Opera Mail used to come built into the Opera web browser –  a well-regarded application on desktop and mobile –  but now Opera offers the email client as a full-fledged standalone program that is very powerful and have good amount of options.  If you’ve used Opera Next Mail, you’ll enjoy the same service, the only difference being not in the web browser anymore. It carries a plethora of options, supports all major IMAP and POP email services and its light weight design makes it a good fit even for old machines.


  • Extremely light weight design akin to Windows Live Mail
  • The tabbed interface is clean and simple
  • Support for regular mail (POP) and IMAP email accounts
  • Major services like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo mail are all supported


  • Still a work-in-progress as of this writing
  • Not as many features as other email clients for Windows
  • Very little customization

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About Waqas Ahmed

Waqas is the Founder and Main Content Developer at Tech Attend. A tech geek at heart and technology journalist at well established blogs like AddictiveTips and GSMNation. You can find more about him at social media of your choice.
  • Ibrahim Al-tiay

    Thanks man, Inky looks so beautiful. Might give it a try since I’m sick of ugly webmail interfaces.

    • http://www.techattend.com/ Editorial Staff

      Hey Ibrahim. I’m glad you like it. :)

    • Chae

      Found inky to be way to slow in syncing even refreshing it’s on UI…was a pity as I quite liked the interface

      • Ibrahim Al-tiay

        Yeah actually a few weeks on I abandoned Inky because of performance issues. I’ve been using Sparrow since then (acquired by Google recently) and I’m liking it. Very nice interface also and I’m hoping Google will improve it even more.

        • Fred

          I hope you are right Ibrahim, although I wouldn’t count on google doing anything that could remotely be viewed as an improvement. You just have to look at gmail’s own clunky interface and functionality to see how incompatible google and “improvement” are.

  • Daniel Fernandes

    Great info! Congrats!

    • http://www.techattend.com/ Editorial Staff

      Hey Daniel. Thanks a million :)

  • Jonathan Rhodes Lee

    Thanks for the nice list–glad to see that there are other dedicated mail client people out there.

    But why did you leave Postbox off of your list? It picks up where Thunderbird left off.

    • Banjo Kazoey

      +1 for PostBox. I’ve been trying to find something better for years but it always comes out #1.

      • Jonathan Rhodes Lee

        Yeah, me too. There’s something aesthetically disappointing about postbox, and I’m always worried that it’s going to disappear, since nobody seems to use it. But its keyboard shortcuts are awesome, the conversation threading integrates PERFECTLY with Gmail (no other client I’ve ever used has done that, including all the Thunderbird addons that I’ve tried), and it handles my absurdly over-filled inbox without stuttering and struggling (like Thunderbird does). No, I don’t work for Postbox. Just a happy user.

        • Michael J

          Hey Jonathan, I’m one of the developers at Mailbird. I’d be curious to hear what you think of the new Mailbird 2.0 that was just released?
          Aesthetics got a big improvement, but also many new features (e.g. the increasingly popular snooze feature).

          • Jonathan Rhodes Lee

            Hi, Michael. I’m only now getting around to responding to this. I downloaded the latest Mailbird and tried it for a couple of days. I’m going to use it for one more before making a final decision, but I think that it’s a no-go for me. Here’s what I find its pluses and minuses:

            –Design: Mailbird does a wonderful job of blending the Windows 8.1 Modern UI experience and the older-fashioned Windows client experience. The controls are both touch friendly and navigable by mouse. The layout is a solid, familiar Outlook-style layout. And one can choose to have a modern look with icons and no labels, or a more traditional layout with labels shown; the latter mode is particularly handy for those of us who still file email, and blows the current GMail web interface out of the water.
            –Keyboard shortcuts: This isn’t exclusive to Mailbird, but the V and L shortcuts for filing are such huge timesavers. Also the fact that you can press V and then immediately type the folder that you want to file a message into = brilliant. (Postbox also does this. Outlook does not.)
            –Mail notifications in the notification tray. Simple, work. Can be turned off, with or without sound. Just right!
            –Customizability: This isn’t a big deal to me, but it’s nice to be able to choose simple color schemes and layouts.

            –Lack of ability to see the number of messages in the inbox. I really don’t understand this one. It might not be important for everybody, but it is for me; I need to be able to see not just the number of unread messages, but the total number of messages in any given folder, for a variety of work scenarios that I won’t get into here. But suffice to say that both Postbox and Outlook allow me to do this.
            –Lag. Mailbird has some serious problems with lag on my system. I don’t know why, since it’s a newish Corei5 machine with 8GB of RAM. Outlook runs fine, Postbox runs fine. Mailbird stutters. This gets frustrating when dealing with large volumes of mail that needed to be filed, and hurts the V and L shortcut methods that I mentioned above. Several times, I’ve pressed V, thought that I didn’t get the key depressed, and pressed V again, only to realize that there was a lag.
            –Aesthetics. This is a tiny complaint, but… I’ve got a really high resolution IPS display, and the text was unreadably tiny at the default setting. Mailbird includes a handy tool to increase display size by default, which I used to bring the display up to 150%. This worked fine, except that the letters look ugly and pixelated. This isn’t a problem on my other mail programs.

            Mailbird is a solid and attractive client. It’s productivity features like snooze are really cool. But it doesn’t quite outpace Postbox for me, which remains the speediest and best client I’ve found for dealing with large volumes of mail via IMAP.

          • http://dtou.ch/ dtouch

            I use both postbox and mailbird.. while i love mailbird apps and certain features.. postbox makes me feel comfortable.. And UI Postbox is a mix of modern and classical elements which is great.

    • Rick

      Is Postbox still being actively developed? Seems like they’ve been on Version 3 for a long time now.

  • ConfusedInCali

    Opera has or will be closing their doors soon, so the part about Opera is no longer valid.

    Why isn’t Thunderbird mentioned? Has it lost its ranking as a thick client?

    • Ashdude

      Opera is closing down their email service. They’re not dropping development of their email app.

      However, Thunderbird is not longer being actively developed. All it’s getting these days are vulnerability patches.

      • xanderdyson

        Fastmail took over the Opera Mail online service I think, or bought the rights and has run with it. It’s a paid service now, but it has a slick simple interface.

    • xanderdyson

      Thunderbird is number 8… Mozilla Thunderbird…

  • xanderdyson

    I really love the overall design of Opera Mail and Mailbird, but of all the clients, only Thunderbird hasn’t drank the two line horizontal list view kool-aid. The Apple Mail client started this, and unfortunately, user interface design is often little more than a bunch of school children chasing the latest fad, and then offering rationalizations afterwards.

    Thunderbird is the only client (aside from Outlook) with an efficient use of widescreen monitors real estate, where you have a list of your messages in one panel, that take up one line which can be sorted by whatever column you want, just like a spreadsheet, and next to it a preview window to the side. Honestly, without that one option, the clients are useless to me, and anyone else that handles a large volume of email.

    • http://www.itpassionates.com/ IT Passionates

      Mailbird looks stunning.

      • Rick

        It does look good, but I’d go for functionality over looks. (I love the way they show the social images.) If Mailbird could find my emails when I search, I’d use it. (I see the messages so I know they are in my trash, but Mailbird can’t find them. Thunderbird doesn’t find them either, but The Bat does.)

        • Michael J

          Mailbird 2.0 is out. Looks even more stunning now :)

    • Rick

      The Bat also uses one line per message.
      I purchased 2 licenses of eMClient but their support is so bad I stopped using it and switched to Thunderbird.
      I just downloaded Foxmail but I guess I’m uninstalling it since I don’t read/write Chinese. (Why make your sales pitch in English but not even have an option to install in English??)

  • suzy

    I am looking for a smart and supported Email client to replace my beloved Eudora 7.1. Speed, fast search across all or selected mailboxes/folders, smart filters, good sorting capability, support for multiple accounts, a friendly, clean user interface w. message preview (like Eudora’s), option to store mail on my PC, low memory usage and a mailbox format supported by a good migration utility (like Aid4Mail) are important to me. Any suggestions for which one to evaluate? Thanks for any suggestions.

  • dark night

    can some1 reccomens a email client that stays open in the backround and give notifications for multiple email address any of these listed do that digsby was a great one but it isnt worked on anymore so looking for another one

    • Banjo Kazoey

      it gives pop-up notifications for all of your accounts.

      • dark night

        what does?

        • Gabriel Barrón

          I guess all, but Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail 2012 allow you to do that.

  • NetImperia

    The Bat Pro more powerful client. It is much more functional.

    • dawesi

      agree, it’s really the only competitor to outlook, and it is way more customisable.

      eg: instead of just putting things in junk, I can bounce them

  • Miguel

    I’m using foxmail for over a year. It has couple unique features like attachments manager, you can see related emails and attachments and so on. Main disadvantage is installer, as its language cannot be changed and you have to install it with #bushes and then change language to english. I didn’t know that opera released their email client as a standalone app. I’m not fond of those new, because inky stores an “encrypted pass” on their servers – whatever it means. I didn’t find anything about mailbird security, thus I won’t touch this software.

  • http://www.fastsigns.com/102 Mox Nix

    Just finishing my first month with eM client. There is a lot to like if it weren’t so quirky. First off, it imported about half my emails from Windows Live. Some subfolders came across, the larger ones did not. However, at first, it seemed like all 12000 emails came over into the Smart Folder (a view of all accounts) as unread. As soon as I marked them as “read”, they’ve disappeared never to be seen again. That’s a big quirk. The sent folder in eM is not mapped to the sent folder from Live Mail, so a new sent folder is created during the import. (that’s just a one time annoying thing that’s easily corrected) Luckily I still have Live Mail installed to view my old emails. Second quirk is the search bar. It doesn’t really find everything. I can search for a company’s domain and pull up 3 emails, but I can search for individuals who also have that domain and pull up a different subset of emails. Third functionality quirk is that you cannot print an attachment with a right click context menu. In Live Mail, I can right click on a PDF attachment, click print, and I’m done. In eM, you can right click, select “Open”, then within Acrobat, select print, then click OK, then close it. The integration with Google Calendar is amazing, but I think I’m getting too annoyed with all this unpolished functionality that I’m going to keep looking. It shows definite promise, but not ready to be King of the Hill yet in my opinion.

    • Handy Andy

      Hey Mox Nix, am interested in how you came up with your name, sounds like we may have the same background.

      • http://www.fastsigns.com/102 Mox Nix

        Mox Nix is a phonetic spelling of the german phrase macht’s nichts, which means “it doesn’t matter”. I actually saw an American serviceman over in Germany with this on his t-shirt and unless you know both languages and say it out loud it doesn’t mean anything to anybody else.

        • JiminHayward

          Yes. And it literally translates into “Makes Nothing”. But lingustically it means “it doesn’t matter”, or “pay no mind to it” in American South linguistics.
          Makes Nothing is what Machts Nichts means.

  • ollerwe

    I am using Thunderbird and I m happy with it.
    At the same time I would like to test other clients to compare. Is it possible to install another email client to work side by side with Thunderbird? Since I have several accounts from different providers I might move a couple of accounts from one client to the other.
    I use Windows 8.1 .

    • http://www.techattend.com/ Editorial Staff

      Hi ollerwe,
      Yes you can easily use multiple email clients if you want. :)

    • JiminHayward

      Just be sure they are all set to not delete from the server.

  • WesleyRiot

    I’ve used thunderbird for a long time but since using windows 8.1 it seems to be crap. is it just me? takes forever to repsond, massive lag when trying to compose an email,and randomly siezes up :/

    • 2m

      Same here. Looking for solution…or another client

    • Sugarbush43

      Just so anyone who is reading these can catch a heads up. I also use Windows 8.1 and started using Thunderbird to replace laggy Outlook (via Office 365, which is crap, btw) and I agree it’s terribly laggy. I work from home 100% online, I need to have many applications open at once and most connect to the web. Thunderbird makes my whole system lag. I turned it off all day today after 2 particularly bad weeks and I’m running much smoother today.

      If you use Windows 8.1 and use your machine heavily, I don’t recommend Thunderbird.

  • DarlingTim

    Em Client is not the best for IMAP – doesnt even support IMAP Push!

    • http://www.itpassionates.com/ IT Passionates

      Yes, you are right. I am trying to use Zoho Email with it but it doesn’t work.

  • nico239

    The best email client should be for me
    – preview pdf, word, xls, pwt, attachements inside mail pane with one click like outlook (80% of business mail have attachments…. and we loose too much time and clicks for nothing)
    – html editor like The Bat to create business template
    – inbox pane with 2 lines for each mail

    Only one Foxmail 7.0.93…. but if I could find a much modern one it should be good.

    • liegemg

      HI, Nico. Did you find one?

  • green

    How about reliability. Windows live mail frequently renders mails unreadable with some sort of internal error.

  • Wis_air

    From my experience, “The Bat!” is the absolute best email client out there, specifically for those who are interested in a “real” email client as opposed to “pretty looking”. Great filtering options, unlimited accounts, macros, templates and a lot more to set everything up just as you want it.

    • JiminHayward

      Is that available on Mac Mavericks and Windows 7?

  • W4rb1rd

    Incredimail friend….

  • http://www.AboutFileOne.com/ daxLAB Limited

    Let me state first that I’m not neutral and that I did develop an email client myself alone (not mentioned here)… hence my presence. I’m the sole developer of FileOne wich contains an email client for Windows and Linux.

    More specific: FileOne is an email client, note-taking organizer with multimedia support. It is a desktop app and does not even have any cloud awareness. I might bring out a version for the Mac OSX in the near future.

    One of the things you mention is the interface. I hate the interfaces that show 3 panes. All of your reviewed email clients show the 3 panes UI (a Microsoft invention I believe). Too much information for me as a dyslectic person. Most of them only show at least 1 or even 2 panes with just half the information you need to see. I decided to have just 2 panes with full information shown in each of them.

    I agree with some of the respondents that it seems to be a fashion to make email clients look like each other. Very boring and not creative at all, in fact it blocks the progress of such tools is my belief. I still like the (left) treeview approach and the (right) complete email view so I did bring it back into FileOne. While I have a treeview, I figured that I can use it for much more….

    Why should it function as an email client only?

    From an email client I started to think as file storage engine in which you can import all sort of office and multimedia files…. and from there I started to think that It needed at least a way to hyperlink all those files, from there, that you should be able to right mouse click almost anything inside the treeview and mail it without seeing windows being opened or closed, that you should be able to create documents not only to send those as emails but to keep them as documents, should be able to play the imported or downloaded music tracks and movies, should be able to keep an agenda and sync that to your phone, should be able to hyperlink every object to any other object inside the treeview and that all data is stored in a single file that allows almost instant speed in getting that data.

    I believe I succeeded but I have to bring it under the nose of the ones who can or want to use it. So if this matches your interest please google for “FileOne organizer” to get to know more about it. I also made a short movie about FileOne and did post that on youtube.

    I’m in the process of introducing FileOne and I’m not even selling it right now but any user that can give me feedback is welcome.

    • Major Dad

      I would be very interested in FileOne.

    • Angela Tucker

      Definitely interested in trying out! Been trying to find a decent program!

  • Jonas_Barbarossa

    Glad to see Incredimail did not make the top 10. $25 I wasted…

  • https://www.facebook.com/SilmAseen SilmAga Seen Sinu Sõber

    Really nice list of email programs with proper information, thanks!

    • https://www.facebook.com/SilmAseen SilmAga Seen Sinu Sõber

      as it is rare… often the lists are made of random emails that are popular and lack a proper information , high standard website still!

  • hendoz

    That was look good since not much lock on there!

  • Christin Baumgarten

    Thanks for the great list.
    What about Mailbird:-)? I think Mailbird should be listed there, since it works great on Windows 10 too. Would love to hear what you think of that @Waqas Ahmed.

  • Sheetal Desai

    Mozilla Thunderbird is a piece of shit – keeps crashing and is excruciatingly slow. Most of the time it fails to connect with the respective email servers.

  • liegemg

    I would love to read opinions from people who have used these apps for a while. I loved mailbird for the 1st 10 months, but as messages start to accumulate, it became super slow, impossible to use. At the end, search was simply not working – it kept searching and searching and turning no results. Before that, I used Thunderbird. It lasted longer, almost 2 years, but eventualy it also started presenting some twitches. After reading the posts here, I realized It might have been due to the upgrade to windows 8. I am willing to pay good money for the perfect app, but I dont want to have to change app after 2 years and I need to save a lot of messages. Good search is vital, but there even gmail has its flaws. Any tips?

  • Juan

    Waqas Ahmed :
    What about The Bat!? &
    Could you make a 2016 update??


  • nico239

    No one is able to display attachments (pdf, word, excel) in the mail window…..

    Except Foxmail 7.0.93 and Outlook

    And no one is able to display attachments (pdf, word, excel) in the mail window
    Able to create templates

    Except Foxmail 7.0.93

    So now you know the best email client at this moment….

  • normanlampman97

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