13 Best Android Music Players That You Cannot Live Without

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Android’s brilliance is hardly unknown. Naysayers might tell you otherwise, but Android now sports the most amazing apps library catering to just about any kind of task. From streaming rich media to photo editing to managing your emails and everything in-between.

If you listen to a lot of music on your Android device, then you most probably need a good music player.

Although, the default music player provides all the basic features for playing songs you already own, the Play Store offers alternatives that simply expand upon the basics, offering more features and functionality than you ever thought you needed. Like automatic lyrics downloading, advanced software equalization, streaming radio stations and svelte user interface.

After extensive research and testing, we have compiled this list of 13 best Android music players to shake some life back into your music listening experience on Android phones or tablets. So read on!

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1. Winamp


Developer: Nullsoft, Inc.

Overview:  After spending much time at Play Store gazing at the ‘Music & Audio’ section, I didn’t have hard time deciding on whether to include Winamp or not. The app’s grandeur lies in its in-app purchases, which are essentially additional features that further expand Winamp’s functionality with add-ons like lyrics downloader, album washer, and a Pro bundle that basically offers all the free and paid options in one grand package.

On top of that there are additional tidbits that come default with the main app, such as music synchronization over Wi-Fi between your PC and Android, playlist management, ability to stream over fifty thousand Shoutcast radio stations, an option to import iTunes library directly to Winamp’s and more!

Key Features

  • Surprisingly powerful Android music player with loads of features
  • In-app purchases that outstretch Winamp’s native functionality
  • A wide array of formats support including uncompressed AAC and FLAC
  • Persistent playback controls for quick access
  • Play queue management
  • Lock-screen player to control Winamp without unlocking your device
  • Latest news, bios, photos & discographies of Artists

2. doubleTwist


Developer: doubleTwist ™

Overview: You totally need to try this one if you stream music to external speakers from your phone over W-Fi using AirPlay as the app supports it from the ground up. Coupled with a highly intuitive interface, doubleTwist lets you stream music, videos and even photos from your device to Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

doubleTwist also has Mac and Windows clients that you can use to quickly synchronize files between your desktop and your Android, a la Apple iTunes to iOS devices, using AirSync. This is a big time saver if you usually keep same media on your PC and phone.

While doubleTwist is free at Google Play Store, most features are only available in Pro version of the app which costs $9.99. Pro users not only get AirSync, but also AirPlay to Apple TV & compatible speakers, Equalizer, album art search and no ads.

Key Features

  • Integrated Magic Radio support to stream music stations
  • Ability to download high-quality album artwork
  • Streaming to Apple TV and compliant speakers through AirPlay
  • AirSync which allows you to synchronize music between Android and PC
  • Stream music, videos and photos gaming consoles and Sonos
  • Fascinating interface

3. Rocket Music Player


Developer: JRTStudio

Overview: Another solid music player for Android. Rocket Music Player can play tons of different files including MP3, WAV, FLAC and ALAC, lets you organize your music library the way you want, and there’s a powerful software equalizer that is just awesome.

Akin to doubleTwist, Rocket Player also lets you sync your iTunes library with the app including playlists, podcast bookmarks, song ratings and video play counts. Speaking of video, Rocket does play videos out of the box, so it’s a music app that doubles as a robust video player.

It also carries a user-configurable sleep timer which allows you to stop the music after specified time – a handy option that can prove useful when you unknowingly sleep while the headphones are still in your ears.

Key Features

  • Highly user-friendly interface
  • Has Premium version that plays uncompressed audio including FLAC, ALAC, WMA
  • Support for most scrobbling apps
  • Deep iTunes integration to synchronize your media between PC and mobile
  • Lets you create dynamic “Live List” playlists based on set rules
  • Control music playback directly from lockscreen
  • A more powerful 10 band graphic equalizer on Premium variant

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4. Fusion Music Player


Developer: Lava International Limited

Overview: What’s on offer here is simply fantastic. Although Fusion Music Player is a free app – with absolutely no in-app advertisement – it may give the paid substitutes a run for their money. Fusion packs all the powerful features you’ll find on the more popular options, including a mighty 12 presets sound equalizer, internet radio via Shoutcast, social media integration and more.

There’s even a built-in MP3 cutter to chop unwanted parts from your favorite tracks. Besides playing music already stored on your device, it lets you discover and stream new music from the internet.

Key Features

  • Music discovery feature to find songs from your favorite artists and albums
  • Internet Radio powered by Shoutcast, lets you stream over fifty thousand stations
  • Lockscreen and Notification bar widget to control music playback
  • Full YouTube, Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Creates dynamic playlists based on music you’ve already rated
  • Top music charts from around the globe

5. Poweramp


Developer: Max MP

Overview: Developer Max MP knows how to woo our hearts so they have packed every amazing feature there could be into this monster, creating something that’s surely one of the best Android music players in its class.

If you store music on your phone and listen on the go, Poweramp’s is the most powerful music player for Android you can get.

It has impressive feature-set and loads of settings. The most interesting bit is Poweamp’s ear thumping sound equalizer that really infuses some life into music. You can either choose from an array of presets or customize it according to your preferences. Poweramp’s audio rendering engine is absolutely top-notch when it comes to audio quality.

Poweramp also sports third-party themes, and ships with four of them out of the box. The only caveat is the hefty price tag, although its worth every penny.

Key Features

  • Integrated tag editor and album art finder
  • Tons of format support including lossless audio
  • Sound equalizer that carries many presets, allows control over bass, reverb and treble
  • Built-in Last.fm scrobbling
  • Skinning support
  • Multiple size widgets for playback control

6. n7player


Developer: N7 Mobile Sp. z o.o.

Overview: Thanks to a lot of updates and improvements done to N7player since its inception, it’s become another great music player choice that boasts promising features. In fact, it almost equals Poweramp when it comes audio quality and amount of settings crammed into it.

The greatest bit is probably its ultra cool interface that is both easy to navigate and looks stunning from every angle. Then there’s this wide spectrum of format support letting you play almost any music file you want.

N7player is also fully theme-able just like the former, houses various home screen and lockscreen widgets, and contains excellent music effects, bass boast and virtualization technology via SRS or Dolby Surround.

Key Features

  • Beautiful interface that’s fascinating and functional
  • Gapless playback
  • Lyrics support, using the embedded track lyrics & musicXmatch plugin
  • Huge list of formats support
  • Supports Last.fm scrobbling
  • Built in tags editor for supported audio formats

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