5 Best Facebook Apps For Windows 8 And Windows RT

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In our last post we mentioned the 5 Best YouTube Apps For Windows 8 And Windows RT which brought the power of Youtube in the palm of your, well desktop. That last post got us thinking about another social media website that most of us have come to rely upon quite heavily. You guessed it, it is the Facebook. Most of us couldn’t stay away from it even we tried, honestly! And speaking of honesty, can I let you in on another secret? After years of using Facebook, I still can’t quite get a hang of its interface. So the question that arises in our mind is; Is there an official Facebook app in Windows Store? The answer, unfortunately, is a straight no. The social media giant has yet to release an official Facebook app on Windows 8 and RT.

Luckily, there are plenty of third party alternatives available at the Store, which perform the job equally well. If you are looking for the best Facebook apps for windows 8 and Windows RT, then read on for our hand-picked list.

1. MINE For Facebook

This app is a no brainer. And it makes one wonder why would anyone even need an official app when MINE For Facebook does the job so spectacularly well. Apart from fully complimenting Windows 8’s Modern interface, it lets you access almost all the Facebook features with a few simple clicks. The landing screen comprises off the latest feeds from friends and the pages you liked, all of which appear to the left. The app displays ‘personalized’ feeds from your friends posted on Twitter and Instagram. The in-app bar lets you navigate to friends, notifications and profile areas of Facebook. The only major drawback with MINE For Facebook is its lack of the chat feature.


2. Facebook Touch

If you missed the chat feature in MINE For Facebook then you probably need to take Facebook Touch for a ride. Not only does it support the chat option – which you can easily enable or disable on the fly – but it also holds on to the real Facebook design and color scheme. The top bar of the app lets you navigate different sections of Facebook, such as access to notifications, friends, messages and profiles. In addition, it boasts the search option you’d find on the site. The app is also fully optimized for Windows RT touch interface.


3. Facebook Pro+

There isn’t much of a difference between Facebook Touch and Facebook Pro+ in terms of UI, and it seems inspiration was derived from either side. That said, the app does look and feel snappy and provides all the features and functionality that a good Facebook app should. Similar to Facebook Touch, this app also works like a charm on Windows RT and carries over the chat feature for sending instant messages. And where the former had the navigation menu at the top, the latter gives access to it at the left side.


4. Feed For Facebook

If you’d rather use Facebook the Pinterest way then Feed For Facebook is one-of-a-kind app you should try. This app really does look nice and strays from the originality of Facebook (or the Modern styled interface language of the above apps) and focuses on your feeds by presenting everything in a Pinterest like manner. This is more of a feed oriented Facebook app then others mentioned above. You can easily view and post comments on status updates, photos and other content shared by your friends and favorite pages.


5. Metro Social

Metro Social might look similar to MINE at first glance but the app does have its own unique way of letting you use Facebook. The most interesting bit regarding Metro Social is its customizable interface which lets you change the background pattern that fits your taste. For instance, you can choose a famous landmark from different countries such as USA, France, Greece, England, Germany etc. Speaking of its Facebook side of features, it lets you access your profiles, check on feeds, view and tag photos, see notifications and much more. All in all, a decent Facebook alternative.



So there you have it. This concludes our list of 5 best Facebook apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Give all or one of these a go and let us know of your experience by leaving us a comment.

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