Do you want to use the zong free internet? If yes,  congratulations you are at right place. In this article, I will tell you that how you can use it on zong sim without any effort. You just have to follow all the mentioned steps to get benefit from the trick. This trick will work on all android phones. If you have windows phone this trick is not for you. So let’s get started by wasting no time.


Zong Free Internet


Zong Free Internet Trick 2019

I will mention three free internet tricks for you. If one trick is not working for you don’t worry you can use the other method/trick to avail the offer. By using these tricks you can use free Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google on your mobile.

Zong Free Internet Trick 1:

Follow the following steps:

Step 1:

First of all download UC Mini Handler, Yoga VPN from the below mentioned links.

UC Handler

Yoga VPN

Step 2:

Install both apps on your android mobile phone by giving all the required permissions (if needed).

Step 3:

Open Yoga VPN. And click on ”Tap to collect coins” and then click on ”Go Option”. After a few seconds VPN will be connected automatically.

Step 4:

Open UC Mini handler you have downloaded from the above-mentioned link. And without changing any settings ”Click Ok”. Now you will see your browsing screen. Enjoy free internet browsing and streaming.

NOTE:  You can not use this trick with real UC Browser. You have to use the handler to avail this trick.

Zong Free Internet Trick 2:

This is the best trick if you want to use the free internet without installing any application in your android phone. It is the easiest trick I have ever found. So let’s start with the trick.

Step 1:

Open your android phone and go to message options and type a new message.

Step 2:

In the message panel type Y6pro(random five digit number) like Y6pro12345 and send it to 4111.

Step 3:

Now you will get a message from zong that you have availed this offer and your free internet is activated. So enjoy suffering and browsing.

But if you received a reply like ”This pin has already been used”. Then again send a message to 4111 but with a different code like Y6pro12354. Note: Y6pro remains same, only the digits next to it will be changed. By retrying these random codes you will surely get free internet for one whole month without any balance. So why are you waiting just follow the steps and avail the offer?

NOTE: This internet trick might not work as explained in your region. If not working properly then I will suggest you, go with trick 3 or 1 for free internet.


Zong Free Internet Trick 3:

This is by far the best internet trick I have ever seen. Using this trick you can get 9GB free fast internet for one month. The best part of this trick is that you can get this offer without installing any extra apps on your android phone. This offer is just similar to the previous offer because you have just to dial the code and when zong will validate your code they will award you the free internet without any extra confirmations. This best internet trick will work in nearly all the regions of Pakistan. So there are no chances that this trick will not work for you.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Step 1:

Open your mobile phone and go to type a new message on your mobile phone.

Step 2:

Type 856798  as your message and send it to 4111.

Step 3:

Wait for a few seconds to get the reply from zong.

Step 4:

Now you will receive a reply from zong saying that you will get your free 9GB internet for one whole month within 7 days. So what you have to do now just sit back and relax and left the rest of work on the zong so that they might check your code. This offer will surely work as I have personally tested and checked these offers for you before writing this post. So just wait for a moment and enjoy free seamless and fastest internet on your mobile phone.


So here I have mentioned all the free internet tricks for you. Please keep in mind that I have personally tested and verified these free internet tricks before posting it on my site. I have worked for weeks to find these internet tricks for you and I hope that you might appreciate it. If these tricks are not working, then you are just doing some steps in the wrong way. To get the most benefit from this trick you have to follow all the steps in the similar way as I have explained.

Also please note that these trick are time-based, they will work for a few days or months and then blocked. So if you are facing any difficulty in applying these tricks please drop a comment or message me on my facebook page so that I will update the trick.

I hope that you will like my trick and appreciate me by sharing on social media. Let me know about your views in the comments section. Stay tuned for more new tips and tricks. If you need more information or want to submit your own trick you can Contact Us.

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