100 Weird and Useless Websites | Don’t Open no. 15

Here you can find a list of the weirdest, funny, pointless and useless websites.

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Sometimes when you are free and you find nothing to do, you get bored and you want some kind of entertainment or fun just to break the monotony and the tiredness of our routine work.

And sometimes you’re at the office or even if at home, but after doing some hours of chores you get exhausted and want to get relax, you actually want to get rid of all the boredom. You now want to stay away from all this and have some entertainment just for some minutes to refresh your mind.

Most of the people search on YouTube or try on Facebook or other social sites but in the end, they still need some other different kind of fun. They daily find the same kind of memes or some viral and funny videos but they want something new and different.

There are billions of websites on the internet, but all the websites are for any kind of information or news or about any project. But to find merely such websites on the internet is the difficult task.

For this, I have compiled a list of the most useless websites which are utterly pointless and are for fun.


Top 100 Weird, Funny and Useless Websites

You’ll wonder to know that there is no useful purpose of any website but fun. They’re the funniest, pointless and weird websites.

Note: Many of the websites work with flash. So, you’ll have to “allow” for Flash.

1. Cleverbot

Cleverbot is one of my favorite websites. It’s very interesting. You just need to start a chat on it and it has artificially intelligent algorithm by which it keeps responding to our chat and you’ll enjoy its answers to your talk. You can keep on chatting and I’m sure you won’t get bored. Give it a try.

2. Eel Slap

Eel Slap is also a funny website. You just can slap a person on the screen.

Well, it seems insane?

Yes, but you can slap with eel by using your mouse.

Yes, hurry, do it. You’ll be amazed.

3. ZoomQuilt

ZoomQuilt is one of the useless websites and you will be surprised to visit it.
Have you ever seen a never-ending environment?

Zooming and Zooming.

You must not have seen an infinite world ever in your life.


But now you can.

Just click on the link and jump into the zooming world.

Here you might have to wait some seconds, it sometimes takes time.

4. Nooooooooooooooo.com

Also among weird websites. Entertaining enough to refresh you.

Just put the headphones.

And now click the below button over and over.

See the magic yourself.

5. I Look Like Barack Obama

It’s really from very weird websites that is about a person named “Trevor” who claims that he looks like the Former US President Barack Obama.

You’ll ask what weird in it.

Yes, you can question as it comes to mind.

But let me tell you, he just claims that he looks like Barack Obama whereas he actually does not resemble Obama.

6. Feed the Head

Yes, this is a funny website. Basically, it is a game.

You can do various things playing with it.

You can deal with eyes, nose or ears. But what you actually have to do with it is to vanish it.

This is an amazing game. But it’s also hard to win. So, keep playing.

I’m sure you will get addicted to it.

Do give it a try.

7. R33b.net

R33b is another pointless website.

You just come to see the Hypno-Toad which is just a picture of irritating sounds and toad blinking its eyes.

8. Tane

Tane is again another website. You just open the link and see it. It does nothing. It is just a pointless website.

9. Patience is a virtue

I won’t tell you about it anymore. I say you just visit this site yourself and you’ll get the idea what it is about. You’ll really get to know that Patience is a virtue.

10. Endless.horse

It’s just amazing website and one of my favorite website of no use.
When you go to a site, you see that there is a horse made of text that never ends. You will die scrolling down the mouse but the legs of the horse will never end.

Eventual, y you will have to close the website.

11. Fallingfalling.com

In this website, you can see that objects of different colors are continuously falling over each other which seems really interesting. This is never ending process. This is really weird..

12. Zombo

Zombo is one of the weirdest websites with a strange circle of moving colors.

13. Rhettandlick.com

An awesome funny website made by two persons who actually embedded their YouTube video to this website.

14. Ninjaflex.com

Ninja Flex is a simple but pointless website. You have to move mouse right or left to have its complete exposure.
While you move a mouse to left, it enunciates “Ninja Flex”.

15. Hemansings.com

Yes, this is a website if you see you would say it’s no more than an entertainment. You just enter the URL in the search box of browser and you’ll see there an animated movie along with the song running in the background. It is just a source of fun and can be termed as a funny website.

16. Jellotime.com

It’s a type of website you can just say is one of the most funniest websites. You just need to click on the picture of the colored and bowl-shaped desert made with Jelly and it starts trembling and bursting buzzing sounds in several tones.

17. Koalastothemax.com

One of the most interesting and my favorite websites.
Just keep hovering your mouse over the circles and they’ll get small and smaller.

18. StaggeringBeauty.com

One of my favorite and the most stunning website that entertains me a lot.

You just have to shake the mouse very well and it starts blowing your mind and you see different visuals along with different sounds.

You can spend a lot time here when you’re bored or you have nothing to do and you want some kind of entertainment on the internet.

19. Corndogoncorndog.com

Just having two corndogs over the pan and also a little sauce with them. Irritating music begins to ring with it.

20. Isitnormal.com

You can have discussion on any type and start chatting to just relieve your mind if you’re in tension or you want to refresh yourself.

21. Boredbutton.com

An interesting and funny website. You click and it keeps on showing you 3 to 5 images on card tricks type interesting things. That’s it.

22. Awkwardfamilyphotos.com

A collection of odd or bizarre pictures of families. Indeed an interesting and funny website. You can also submit your photos here.

23. Chromeexperiments.com

One of the most amazing and interesting websites. You can see and view a lot of galaxies and constellations of stars and have a view of their massiveness and the extensiveness.

24. Thequietplaceproject

Really an amazing and funny website. You can pass your time here to get rid of your boring time.

25. Tholman.com/texter

A funny and such a weird website. You can text with mouse in an interesting way. As you click the mouse and move it, it itself starts writing something randomly.
You can change the text color and background color in this texter as well.

26. Omglasergunspewpewpew.com

One of the most interesting and funny website. You can enjoy a lot here.

It’s basically a game you can enjoy online. You have to shoot some circular boxes moving horizontally with laser guns.

27. Mapcrunch.com

Mapcrunch is the coolest website on the web. It just helps you travel around the many places. It presents 360 view and you can view by zooming in and in and moving the mouse.

28. Anasomnia.com

One of the weird websites. I didn’t exactly get what it was made for.

29. 973-eht-namuh-973.com

A weird one. Really one of the weird websites. You click and there opens up a new page with some weird stuff. And the more pages keep on coming as you click over.

30. Www.theworldsworstwebsiteever.com

Indeed as it’s self-explanatory by its name, it is one of the worst websites I have seen and it is an utterly pointless website that has no purpose.

31. Www.papertoilet.com

One of the most favorite and interesting website. It’s the funniest website.

Just move the mouse anti-clockwise and play with the tissue paper roll. It just keeps on rolling out as you move your mouse.

32. Wikipeetia.org

One of the weird websites you ever see. Just a fake or misspelled version of actual Wikipedia Website.

33. Heeeeeeeey.com

I have never seen such an interesting and funny website ever in my life. Try yourself.

34. Iloveyoulike…

One of the useless websites with not an idea what purpose it was made for. It’s just pointless website.

35. Thatsthefinger.com

Another pointless website you can ever see. All it reveals is with mouse. Move the mouse and it glows in different colors and different positions of fingers on the hand.

36. Www.ismycomputeron.com

Another one of the most useless websites you can say. It’s just pointless website.

37. Iamawesome.com

Another pointless website with no meaning the on internet.

If you say, “Take me to a useless website, then that is this.

38. Tencents.info

Tecents.info is a pointless website. Try yourself.

39. Omfgdogs.com

Let’s figure out how dogs are moving.
Wait a minute or 2 minutes. Music also takes its flight.

40. Donothingfor2minutes.com

Do nothing for exact 2 minutes. It will get reset if you move your mouse or keyboard.

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41. Sanger.dk

Just wait for some seconds or 1 minute and observe what it does.

42. Fallingguy.com

A guy keeps on falling. It stops. It again starts falling.

43. Www.trypap.com

Wonderful website regarding fun. It is a mere fun and a good funny website.

44. Www.republiquedesmangues.fr

Useless. Pointless. One of the Weird Websites you can say. No meaning to be on the internet.

45. Cant-not-tweet-this.com

A rubbish, extra and the worst website. Utterly among websites that are of no use.

46. Www.partridgegetslucky.com

A man in the website is acting like he is holding a guitar while he actually doesn’t.

47. Www.rrrgggbbb.com

RGB= Red, Green and Blue.

But colors being pointless.

48. Grandpanoclothes.com

See one of the Weird and pointless websites. A grandpa with no clothes on his body.

49. Www.everydayim.com

One of the weirdest websites on the web. Keep hovering your mouse over the webpage.

50. Has…theworldyet.com

Awfully useless. Pathetically pointless.

51. http://ihasabucket.com/

Again one of the most useless websites, why is it on the internet often wonders me.

52. Www.ringingtelephone.com

Wait and rings will start ringing suddenly.

53. Www.pointerpointer.com

One of my favorite amazing, funny and weird websites. Rejuvenates you. Just keep on moving mouse.

54. Imaninja.com

I’m just blank. I show nothing.

55. Www.taghua.com

The same case with iamninja.com

I’m just empty. I show nothing.

56. Www.ouaismaisbon.ch

Amazing. Good. Just check yourself.

57. Www.muchbetterthanthis.com

Just from weird websites. Another one again.

58. Crouton.net

Useless & Pointless. Nothing need to say more.

59. Corgiorgy.com

Yes, again a funny and from weird websites. Cat moving from left to right and there is music in the background.

60. Unicodesnowmanforyou.com

I see nothing useful in it. No use of it.

61. Intotime.com

One color after another. Colors over colors. Just keep watching.

62. Salmonofcapistrano.com

Interesting one. It’s just a funny website. Check yourself.

63. Www.patience-is-a-virtue.org

This is just a test. Test to check how much patience do you possess. It doesn’t open in my view. Just wait here and show your patience.

64. Whitetrash.nl

Funny and Favorite. Click over different places over man’s face and you’ll be surprised.

65. Www.theendofreason.com

Just movements. Nothing else.

66. Www.theendofreason.com

Listen to the music. Turn up the volume.

67. leekspin.com

Funny and most suitable for kids and babies.

68. Www.electricboogiewoogie.com

A bizarre website I have ever seen.

69. Www.nelson-haha.com

What is this? See yourself.

70. Pixelsfighting.com

Notice which just approaches the end of point.

71. Www.baconsizzling.com

Hot sounds of frying. Just if you don’t want to listen the outside loud.

72. Dogs.are.the.most.moe

Play with a pet with the help of mouse. Just hold a pet and drop it.

73. Www.rainymood.com

Thunders of rain!

74. Www.manualsequence.com

One of the weirdest websites we can come through. A manual sequence of palms!

75. Www.lotsofmany.com

Balls coming out of a U shaped box. Interesting one.

76. Www.infinitething.com

Weird one. Just click and on each click, you find a different closed loop of rope.

77. Www.thisemptyroom.com

Nothing useful in it. Just a pointless website.

78. Www.floatbounce.com

Just click and find a new ball. It is one of my favorites. An amazing game-like website, addictive.

79. Www.trashloop.com

Trashloop is self-explanatory as you throw a debris in the trash box and it automatically is thrown out and you again throw in the box and this way it continues to happen.

80. Www.oozemove.com

Amazing watch. You should check it.

81. Www.nevernowhere.com


82. Www.neogeocity.com

Try it yourself. Drag with mouse and you’ll be surprised.

83. Www.slickquick.com

Another moving website. Interesting one. Cool one.

84. Www.lookingatsomething.com

Rains and Thunders. Thunderstorm. Check yourself.

85. Www.thisthatnow.com

Why on internet? Don’t know.

86. Www.movenowthinklater.com

Piano-like structure. Every box gets clicked and produces a beat.

87. Www.likethisforever.com

A flower keeps on blooming.

88. Www.hotdoom.com

Useless one.

89. Www.goodbyefarewell.com

I see no meaning of it. You can try yourself.

90. Www.itwillneverbethesame.com

Like a game.

Having orbits.

Works with arrow keys.

91. Www.flaminglog.com

One of the useless websites to be known as there seems no objective of it.

92. Www.misternicehands.com

Again another beautiful website. My favorite as well as the addictive one.

93. Www.whywashesad.com

Another beguiling website to watch.
Just keep on moving your mouse and experience the beauty.

94. Www.popcornpainting.com

See yourself. It can’t be explained.

See and imagine…

95. Www.futurephysics.com

Control the universe. Control the astronomical objects. Take the hold. Just experience it.

96. Www.fillthisup.com

Keep on moving the mouse and observe what happens.

97. Www.nullingthevoid.com

A weird and interesting website. Things keep on falling and a small blast occurs.

98. Www.wutdafuk.com

Check yourself. It’s nothing.

99. Thebestdinosaur.com

This is just a another such website. Nothing but a picture of a Dinosaur.

100. Www.1112.net/lastpage.html

The most suitable website in the end according to its end. 🙂

Good Bye!

Shut down!

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