20 Best Websites For Resume Building (Free) 2019

Best websites for resume building

Whether you are unemployed or looking for a second job, conducting a job search depends on a lot of critical factors. It requires skill, time, consistency, determination, effort, but also a bit of creativity to help you land that job that you always dreamed about. Because even if you’re the right person for the job in your niche, all your efforts might ultimately be futile if your resume didn’t quite speak for itself. Unfortunately, many people simply overlook the importance of resume building, not knowing the fact that an average HR recruiter might receive hundreds of resumes a day, so naturally they aren’t likely to spend more time on theirs unless it really stands out from the lot.

But thankfully, and that’s exactly why we’re here, when there are so many nice tools available online for free, creating a good resume shouldn’t be so hard.

Let us present you our handpicked list of 20 best websites for resume building that will help any job seeker turn their average looking resume into a professional looking one. The list also contains online tools that can help career enthusiasts connect with potential employers by creating online portfolios, resumes, profiles and CV’s.

It should be noted that this list isn’t in any particular order and nor does it represent any ranking about the resume building websites.

So without any further delay, lets get down to the business.

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SlashCV Free CV and Resume


Resumonk Website


ResumUP Website




Vizualize .me Website


Resumesimo Online Website


Represent Website


Razume Built your free resume


Enthuseme Website


VisualCV CV and Resume Maker Website




ResumeBucket Online Resume Builder


How to Write a Resume .net


Zerply Resume Website


ResumeBear Website


ResumeCompanion Website




Write-Your-Resume-Online Builder


GotResumeBuilder Website


ResumeSocial Free Website


Resunate Website



All you have to do is to open these websites and put in the information about your self (name, address, qualification etc.) pick up the resume design most suitable to you. And yahoo! you are totally done. Take a print out of you resume according to your desired dimensions and say Thank you to the internet for so awesome resources.


This concludes our list of 20 best resume building websites. We hope they will help you create professional looking resumes using the available designs and templates. In order to access these websites you just have to follow the link I have provided.

Note: I self tested all these websites and they all are working awesome for me. All websites and these resources are totally free of cost. If any of these websites are not working fine at your place. Just comment below or inform us so that we may be able to sort out the problem for you.

I tried my best to cover all related stuff in this article for you ease. If you still have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us through contact us page or through our facebook page.

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10 Best Wallpaper Sites (HD) For Desktop And Mobile

best wallpapers websites

Are you bored of looking at the same old wallpaper that came pre-installed on your system? That are not the best wallpapers. Customizing your mobile or desktop’s home screen really starts with choosing the best wallpaper, which works as a foundation for personalizing further options such as custom icon packs, widgets, themes and launchers etc.  There are a lot of places on the internet to download free wallpapers, but there aren’t many that hold a repository worthy enough for most people’s time. That is why we’ve cherry-picked our list of top 10 best free HD wallpaper sites for your desktop and mobile that are enough to satisfy anybody’s wallpaper needs.  Read on.

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Here, I have collected a list of 10 best wallpaper websites for your ease. All these websites provide best free and HD wallpapers for you desktop and mobile devices. Just follow up these links I have given below to open the website.


Simple Desktop Free Wallpaper Website

The name says it all. If you’re searching for simple and minimalistic backgrounds then Simple Desktops is a nice place to start. You can browse through hundreds of really nice looking wallpapers comprising of abstracts art, 3D effects, colorful patterns and other attractive backgrounds to beautify your PC or mobile screen. The website also has dedicated Mac and iPhone apps so you may easily download best wallpapers without a web browser.


The PaperWall Wallpaper

The Paper Wall is certainly one of the finest places to find high quality wallpapers for resolutions of all sizes. Its database consists of a wide array of best wallpapers category ranging from animals to cars to sports to quotes and whatnot. You will even find some historical and vintage photography. You can also use the tag cloud to quickly find your desired images. And if that doesn’t work, the search feature is also fairly handy. Paper Wall doesn’t have a mobile app but with its attractive UI we bet you won’t need any.


InterfaceLift Free Desktop Wallpapers

Interfacelift is another famous wallpapers site. It hosts a comprehensive collection of images and lets you browse through them according to the category. Although the website is fairly simple and easy to navigate, you can use its dedicated apps on Mac and iOS. Unfortunately, there isn’t an Android app yet despite the platforms large user base. Wallpapers can be sorted by dates, download counts, ratings, comments etc. Interfacelift is also a good place to download dual or triple screen sized wallpapers.


eWallpapers Online free wallpapers

The site holds a great stock of wallpapers. Any user can submit their own image after registering an account. Too many ads on the site might turn you off but if website advertisements don’t bother you in finding high resolution wallpapers for free then eWallpapers is definitely worth visiting.


HD wallpapers .net Best HD Wallpapers

The first time I found HD Wallpapers I didn’t take it as great wallpapers site, but oh boy was I wrong. Even though the site doesn’t boast a plethora of categories or separate sections for cats and dogs, the ones that it does offer are fairly awesome. You also won’t find many images beyond 1080p (well, mostly I’d say) but if it’s the maximum resolution your display’ supports then HD Wallpapers is also worth browsing. It holds a unique position in best wallpaper sites.


DeviantArt Best Desktop and Android Wallpapers

How can we forget one of the largest repositories of wallpapers of all kind? In fact, it’s not just wallpapers, DeviantART is one of those places where you can find any type image irrespective of size, resolution type or genre. And the good news is most of the content is absolutely free to download. DevaiantART doesn’t have any mobile or desktop apps and its interface has remained unchanged for quite a while now but why fix it if it ain’t broke, right? You will mostly find wallpapers in ZIP archives that will usually contain images for multiple devices and resolutions.


WallBase Wallpapers

Wallbase sits among the top wallpaper sites on the planet which has increasingly become popular during the past few years. The website sports a gorgeous design. Its organizers have also created an enticing Android app which is also equally good. Akin to Paper Wall, Wallbase allows its users to search via popular tags cloud. Furthermore, the Random button always presents something surprising. Using its built in search function you can find wallpapers either by keywords or by specifying a HEX code.


Social Wallpapering Wallpaper Webite

This website is geared mostly towards real life photography comprising of nature, landscapes, animals, people, landmarks and macro images. Though you will still find other types of wallpapers. The website provides nice preview of the image before downloading. For uploading your own wallpapers you will need to register with the community of course.

9. HDW

HDW HD Wallpapers

HDW is yet another place to get great looking wallpapers for free. Some of its salient features include integrated search, sort by categories, image preview and thumbnail, simple user interface and user score. You can also hop on the Directory page which contains outbound links to other cool wallpapers websites.

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HD wallpapers . in Website

Not to be confused by the previously mentioned HD Wallpapers.net, this website contains a lot of quality background images for varying resolutions, including 2560×1600. HD Wallpapers.in boasts many features similar the other websites such as browse via categories, search function, quick access to Top, Random and Popular backgrounds and a lot more.


So, there you go. This concludes our list of top 10 best wallpaper sites for cool and high quality wallpapers. Don’t forget to leave your feedback!

Telenor Unlimited Internet Package (Unlimited 3G and 4G Internet)

Hello. You might be searching for Telenor unlimited internet package. But I know you are in difficulty. So, in this post, I will remove your problem and will tell you about Telenor unlimited internet packages. All of these packages have unlimited volume by Telenor. So, let’s get started without wasting any time.

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Telenor Unlimited Internet Package

Telenor Unlimited Internet Packages

1- 4G Daily Unlimited Internet Package:

  • Package name: 4G daily unlimited internet bundle.
  • Validity: 1 day ( 1AM – 7 PM)
  • Volume: 350 MBs
  • Charges: Rs 16
  • How to Activate:

To activate this offer you need to dial *10# from your mobile phone and then you will receive a custom confirmation message from Telenor shortly. You have to wait for a few minutes for the proper activation of this package.

2- 4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Package:

  • Package name: 4G weekly unlimited internet bundle.
  • Validity: 1 week ( 1AM – 7 PM)
  • Volume: 2500 MBs
  • Charges: Rs 85
  • How to Activate:

To activate this Telenor unlimited package you have to dial *345*144# from your mobile phone. You will receive a confirmation message upon the deduction of required amount from your available mobile balance. It is the most widely used Telenor mobile internet package and is the most economical one.

3- Telenor Monthly Unlimited Internet Package:

  • Package name: Telenor monthly unlimited internet bundle.
  • Validity: One whole month (24 hours)
  • Volume: 180 GBs
  • Charges: Rs 6000
  • How to activate:

To activate this monthly Telenor unlimited package you need to dial *345*1004# from your mobile phone and then you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile phone upon the deduction of required amount (Rs. 6000)

It is rather declared as the unlimited internet package by Telenor but to improve their service. They have also set a limit of 180 GBs which is nearly said unlimited by the Telenor.


In this post, I have mentioned all the daily, weekly and monthly unlimited internet packages by Telenor. Now it is up to you that which package you will choose and which package suits you the most. These packages which I have mentioned are mostly for prepaid Sim card holders. If you are the prepaid card holder you have had to call the Telenor customer care center to choose the best working package for you. If you still have any difficulty you can connect us via our facebook page or simply drop a comment for us.

Top 10 Universities in Pakistan 2018- HEC New Rankings

Are you looking for rankings of top 10 universities in Pakistan? Yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we will discuss the best universities in Pakistan.

Top 10 Universities in Pakistan 2018

Top 10 Universities in Pakistan 2018


Who declare these Rankings:

HEC and PEC are the autonomous bodies who are responsible for these rankings of universities in Pakistan. HEC, Higher Education Commission is an independent, constitutional institution of accrediting the higher education efforts in Pakistan.

These rankings are declared every year by these institutions to maintain the quality of higher education in Pakistan.

Factors upon which Rankings Depend:

Many students think that these rankings are only based upon the quality of education or any other single factor. But you should keep in mind that this is not true. Generally, a number of factors are there, based upon which HEC/PEC decides which university is prioritized.

Universities are strictly evaluated on the basis of

  • quality assurance
  • quality of teaching
  • research
  • finance 
  • facilities
  • social integration
  • community development.

These are the most important filters each and every university in Pakistan has to pass through to get their Rankings from HEC.

Why These Rankings are Important:

Relating to the current situation of Pakistan. Hundreds and even thousands of new universities/ colleges are opened/opening in Pakistan. The sole purpose of most of them is money. They don’t think about providing quality education to their students, instead, they are quenching their money thirst.

So, there is a firm need for an autonomous organization that would do a quality assurance test of these universities. So that students would decide which university is best for them. HEC is doing that particular work.

Without wasting any time let’s move towards Rankings.

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Top 10 Universities in Pakistan 2018-HEC Rankings

In this post, I have ranked top universities in Pakistan based on a number of factors I defined above.

This ranking of universities in is descending order ( number 1 be the best one). Let’s get started.

1- National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST):

NUST, National University of Sciences and Technology is located in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. This university was founded in 1991, and they currently provide Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education all over the world.

2- Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan:

Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad ranked in 2nd number in the top 10 universities in Pakistan. Founded as the University of Islamabad in 1967. The University covered the area of 700 acres and is currently the largest University of Pakistan ( By area). It is the public sector institute working under Higher Education Commission (HEC) the autonomous body which holds affiliate of universities in Pakistan.


3- COMSATS University Islamabad:

Comsats University Islamabad, formerly known as CIIT (Comsats Institute of Information Technology), Islamabad. It is located in the capital city of Pakistan. It is a public sector university working under HEC. It has several campuses across the nation. It is the public sector institute founded in 1994. Currently, it provides best undergraduate and postgraduate programs to nearly 35,000 students.


4- Government College University, Lahore:

Government College university also famous as GC University Lahore is one of the oldest educational institutions of Pakistan. It was founded in 1st January 1864 as an affiliate of University of Calcutta. In 1882, the affiliation was transferred to the University of Punjab. Its affiliated by HEC, PEC, and National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC). Nearly 8500 students have been studying here with only 1% comprising of international students.


UAF is located at Agriculture University Road, Faisalabad. It is a public sector research university in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It was founded in 1906. It holds following undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

BSc. Courses:

  • B.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • B.Sc.(Hons) Agricultural Engineering
  • B.Sc.(Hons) Environmental Engineering
  • B.Sc.(Hons) Energy System Engineering
  • B.Sc.(Hons) Food Engineering
  • B.Sc.(Hons) Textile Technology
  • B.Sc.(Hons) (Home Economics)
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Bioinformatics
  • Bachelor of Business administration (BBA)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (D.Pharma)
  • B.Sc.(Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Postgraduate Courses:

  • M.Sc./M.Sc. (Hons.) four semesters, offered in 35 subjects, after completing first degree course,
  • M.Phil. in pure science four semesters, offered in five subjects after completing M.Sc. in the relevant subject,
  • Ph.D., offered in 28 subjects, four semesters, after completing M.Sc. in the relevant subject.


Bahauddin Zakariya University is ranked at no. 6 position in Pakistan. This largest south Punjab university is located in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. It was founded in 1975, and is currently one of the largest universities in Punjab, Pakistan. It comprises of undergraduate and graduate programs quenching the knowledge thirst of nearly 35,000 students from all over the Pakistan.


7- University of Lahore:

University of Lahore famous as UOL is founded in 1999 as a private sector university in Lahore, Pakistan. Nearly 36,000 were enrolled there. HEC, PEC, PMDC, PCP are the autonomous bodies affiliating and accrediting UOL.  It has 5 major campuses all over the nation. 2 in Lahore, 2 in Islamabad and 1 in main Sargodha city.


8- University of Peshawar:

University of Peshawar is also a public sector university university located in Peshawar KPK, Pakistan. It was founded in 1950. Currently it provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines. Arts and literature and Engineering Faculties are here.

9- University of Karachi:

Its is also a public sector university in the heart of Karachi city. It was founded in 1951 and is among the oldest universities of Pakistan. It currently affords 25,000 students in its campus only.


10- Beaconhouse National University:

It is a private university located in Lahore, Pakistan. It has limited number of courses till now. Recognized by HEC and (ACU) Association of Commonwealth Universities Pakistan. This university has produced nearly 2900 graduates and still counting.

Source: HEC, Official Website.

10 Best Android Launchers in 2019 (Free) With Killer Look

The reason most people love Android is that it gives a lot of flexibility and control over your device. You can personalize your Android experience in countless ways; from flashing custom ROMs, to changing wallpapers, to merely tinkering with icons. In this post I am going to tell you about Best Android Launchers of 2019.

However, for beginners – and even most diehard customization freaks – a launcher is the best route to get started. For the uninitiated, a launcher is simply an app that presents the main view of the phone and gives you more control over your Android home screen by acting as the main platform from which to launch other apps installed on your device.

So now that you know what a launcher for Android is, check out our handpicked list of the best android launchers you should definitely give a try.

Best Android Launchers

Best Android Launchers in 2019

10. 91 Launcher

91 Launcher

Overview: 91 Launcher is all about its fancy themes. It comes packaged with an integrated My Themes app that houses a bunch of free user created skins that, when applied, give a complete makeover to your home screen. The dev-team has also made sure to make the launcher as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. For instance, when in home screen swipe all the way to the left and you will be taken to a search area where you can search installed apps or the internet either by typing your query or voice interaction. In addition, the app contains a few handy stock widgets for quick controls like Wi-Fi and GPS, as well as a real time battery endurance meter.

Key Features

  • Free downloadable theme packs
  • Variety of home screen transition effects
  • Various useful widgets
  • Customization
  • Quick search screen with voice interaction
  • Custom gesture support

9. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher

Overview: Buzz Launcher’s main strength lies in its Homepack Buzz – a 91 Launcher-esque approach but with extensive skin support. That said, Homepack Buzz houses over 50,000 unique and snappy home screens to give the UI a complete overhaul. Some home screens even perfectly mimic Windows Phone 8 and/or MIUI ROMs. Buzz Launcher also boasts a fascinating multi-wallpaper option that lets you set up a separate wallpaper for each home screen. Another similarity with 91 Launcher is that this app also lets you use gesture swipes for performing various actions such as to bring down the notification panel, open app drawer etc.

Key Features

  • An amazing Homepack Buzz app for one-click customization
  • Multi wallpaper screen
  • An easy way to access recent apps and hide unwanted ones
  • Unread badges for missed calls, SMS and Gmail
  • Resizable icons and highly customizable home screen grids

8. Launcher 8

Launcher 8

Overview: If you like Windows Phone 8 then Launcher 8 is all you need. It will bring WP8-like navigation to your Android phone. After its simple installation, it gives your device a fresh feel, completely changing the way you interact with your phone. Launcher 8 features the aspiring static and live tiles which WP8 is known for. These big bold tiles can help even the most novice Android users to quickly launch commonly used apps like phone, messages, internet, camera or alarm. Nevertheless, the tiles are also customizable letting you resize them among different sizes.

Key Features

  • Resizable home screen tiles
  • WP8 like navigation gives a fresh feel to your phone or tablet
  • WP8 styled lockscreen and status bar
  • Switchable application list style
  • Tiles can be used to set app shortcuts and Android widgets
  • A handful of theme colors to choose from.

7. ADW Launcher

ADW Launcher

Overview: ADW is another very popular Android launcher which has been around for quite a while now. Although, I’ve avoided this launcher for the past couple of years, I was surprised to see many changes and additional features I’d been missing on. Thanks to its large user base, the app sports thousands of themes, skins and icon packs available at Play Store. Another major aspect of ADW is its extensive customization, i.e. you can easily personalize home screen icons and resize widgets to your heart’s content. The app also showcases a really nice transition effect when jumping in and out of app drawer. ADW also has paid version that comprises of additional features.

Key Features

  • One of the most customizable launcher app out there
  • Supports an umpteen number of user created themes
  • Highly customizable icons, docks, folders and page indicators
  • Easily manageable home screens with built in screen editor
  • Gestures support for fast operation
  • Icons editor and an AppWidget picker

6. Holo Launcher HD

Holo Launcher HD

Overview: Inspired by Android 4.0+, Holo Launcher HD brings Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich styled launcher to your Android device. It gives all the features available on stock ICS or JB launcher without costing a dime. Not only is it fast and snappy, but fully customizable as well. For instance, Holo Launcher HD lets you enable infinite home screen scrolling, which is something the default JB and ICS based launcher lacks. In addition, it allows you to customize icons, labels and dock to however you please. Besides customization and additional features, Holo Launcher flawlessly mimics vanilla Android. The app also has a Plus variant that boasts a few extra perks.

Key Features

  • All the Jelly Bean launcher features and then some
  • Infinite home screen scrolling
  • Customizable app shortcuts, folder icons and label color
  • Supports ADW icon packs and widgets overlapping
  • Gesture support for quickly accessing apps including pinch to zoom for home screen previews
  • Scrollable dock

5. Everything Home

Everything Home Android Launcher.

Overview: Everything Home – was initially known as Everything.me and still in Beta – does a fantastic job in taking over your Android’s home screen and classifies itself as a unique implementation for a launcher app. Rather than throwing in loads of similar features your way which you may have seen in countless other apps, Everything Home aims to be as dynamic as possible. It carries a powerful Everything Bar at the top where you can type or say What’s on your mind and the launcher will instantly pull out relevant results for your search. For instance, say music and all your music apps will be shown. Say Google and see what happens. Other than that, this launcher is also very customizable as oppose to stock options.

Key Features

  • A powerful Everything Bar that enables you to find whatever you need
  • Very dynamic and feature-rich
  • Smart Folder feature automatically organizes your apps in to relevant categories
  • Besides your native mobile apps, the launcher also supports web apps
  • Quite a few different customization features

4. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

Overview: Looking for a launcher that comes packaged with a host of features and blazing fast performance? You can’t go wrong with Apex Launcher. This app is absolutely a beast when it comes to customization and has earned critical acclaim from users and online media alike. Besides its super fast home screen transition effects and Holo inspired looks, the launcher can be customized in a multitude of ways thanks to many user created icon packs available at Play Store, most of which are free. The interesting bit is that Apex supports icon packs that are otherwise compatible with other mainstream launchers. Besides it free version, it also has a Pro (paid) version with additional features.

Key Features

  • Customizable home screen and app drawer grids
  • Some fancy transition effects that don’t hog your device
  • Persistent Google search bar that can be turned On and Off
  • Ability to change background transparency of app drawer and hide unwanted apps
  • Desktop lock to prevent accidental changes to your home screen
  • Support for up to 9 home screens
  • Unlimited drawer tabs (Pro version only)

3. Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher

Overview: We drive smart cars, own smart phones and now we have a launcher that is also pretty smart. Should you admire minimalism and ease of use, then give Smart Launcher a shot. Instead of tens of different home screens, the app lets you use only one and presents a rounded flower-like shaped shortcut dial for accessing frequently used apps. Probably the biggest shortcoming about Smart Launcher is that it doesn’t allow you to use Android widgets unless you shell out for the Pro version, which, in essence, enables you to add widgets to a separate home screen. On the bright side, the app boasts a beautiful interface and clean looking app drawer that automatically categorizes your apps under different groups.

Key Features

  • Gorgeous, minimalistic interface
  • One home screen that comprises of uniform icon shortcuts
  • App drawer is organized into categories called Communication, Internet, Media, Utility and Settings
  • Support for icon packs from mainstream launchers
  • A separate home screen for Widgets (Pro only)
  • Variety of themes and wallpapers

2. GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX

Go Launcher EX defines itself as an app with easy operation, numerous themes and simple management. And we can’t argue that as Go is undoubtedly one of the best Android launchers out there. It is developed by the intelligent GO team known for other poplar apps like Go SMS Pro, Go Locker and Go Contacts. There’s a lot to love about this launcher. The customization features in particular allow you to personalize your home screen the way you wish. Being one of the top launchers, it sports thousands of different themes and many transition effects. The app has paid version which boasts a unique multi-touch feature to quickly access core functions

Key Features

  • Support for over 10,000 themes and 25 home screen scrolling effects
  • Multi-touch to instantly access core functions (Pro only)
  • Over 15 free default widgets for weather, calendar, clock etc.)
  • Loads of customization options
  • Super smooth and fast
  • Frequent updates

If you are struggling, that how to download free android apps and games. You can search on the internet their are millions of resources.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher claims the top spot on our list. It has got all what it takes to be the best Android launcher that effectively combines UI elements from stock Android 4.0+. It’s fast, flexible, and can be customized in a number of ways without bogging down your device. Once installed, it gives you full control over implementing custom icons – even those from ADW, Apex launcher etc. — a fully scrollable dock can be set up to house multiple pages and multiple home screens can be used based of user requirements. Nova also lets you specify different folder previews and background, including an option to choose a custom pattern. The app has both free and paid (Prime) variants.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable home screen and app drawer grids
  • Reverse wallpaper scrolling for stronger parallax effect
  • App drawer transparency control option
  • Varied scroll speeds
  • Widget overlapping for effective resizing and placement
  • Gesture support for different launcher actions (Prime only)
  • Unread message and miss call count badge (Prime only)
  • Ability to add multiple app shortcuts in one go

Numbered List Of 10 Best Android Launchers in 2019

For you simplicity and better navigation I have also provided a bulleted list of launchers for spicing up your home screen.

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. GO Launcher EX
  3. Smart Launcher
  4. Apex Launcher
  5. Everything Home (Discontinued)
  6. Holo Launcher HD
  7. ADW Launcher
  8. Launcher 8
  9. Buzz Launcher
  10. 91 Launcher


This wraps up our list of best Android launchers. For questions and feedback please leave your comments below.

18 Most Popular Chrome Extensions Every Internet User Should Know

Most Popular Chrome Extensions.

Many internet sources claim that Chrome is now the most popular web browser in the world. It is rare to find someone who doesn’t use Chrome as their default browser. That’s why I am listing Most Popular Chrome Extensions here.

Perhaps the main reason for its rapid growth since its inception is the Chrome Web Store that carries a gazillion different extensions and apps in an easily accessible way. You can download a plethora of extensions from there absolutely for free.

However, have you ever wondered which are the most popular Chrome extensions that almost every user have on their computer? Well, let this handy infographic sums it up for you. The infographic mentions 18 extensions that are currently reining Chrome Web Store, along with their total download count (i.e. users), overall rating and a mini description.

I wasn’t surprise to see AdBlock taking the top spot followed by AdBlock Plus and Avast Online Security. Pinterest’s Pin It Button is also on the list. Check out the full infographic below.

Best Chrome Extensions Infographics.

Source: BestPlugins

10 Best Email Services You Should Definitely Check Out

Internet today has become more than just checking your email but the significance of email services can never be ignored. That’s why in this post I am going to tell you about 10 Best Email Services That You Should Definitely Check Out.

Just as literacy is treated as a pre-requisite in securing a job in the real world, the virtual world requires an email to personalize your experience. And with explosive growth in smartphone and tablets across the globe, concepts like cloud computing and cross-platform compatibility have become a reality.

Even though, we are pretty much familiar with the utilities of email – since most of us regularly (and very frequently) use this medium to convey our messages and even send files – the purpose of setting the context was to re-emphasize how the very basic things are critical to how we use the Internet today.

Therefore, in this exclusive post on the 10 best email services, we have highlighted what makes one service standout from the other and how relevant they are to a rapidly changing virtual world dominated by the cloud and social media.

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1. Gmail

Gmail website.

Google Mail or Gmail is by far the most popular email service. Especially among users that prefer Android smartphones and social media interaction.

And not just because of Google’s comprehensive integration with feature-rich online tools coupled with Google Drive and Google Docs.

The tagline ‘One Account – All of Google’ strikes a chord with users who regularly use smartphones, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Plus and many other products supported by the tech giant.


  • Comprehensive integration across different products and platforms
  • Easy to use web interface & mobile apps
  • Cloud storage & collaboration support


  • Limited online storage compared with Outlook.com and Yahoo! Mail
  • Serves targeted ads based on email contents
  • Doesn’t support creation of aliases

2. Outlook

Outlook website.

Most of us followed the transformation of Hotmail or Windows Live Mail to finally Outlook.com and the journey has surely been memorable.

With the inception of the professional and sleek Outlook feel, Microsoft posted a feature set comparison table in the face of Gmail and Yahoo! Mail and proved itself worthy of the competition.

Personally, I myself have started preferring Outlook.com over Gmail. In addition, with a consistently increasing Windows-based smartphone user-base, more and more of us have started using the online service as well as the mobile app.


  • Virtually unlimited and free online storage
  • SkyDrive and Microsoft Office integration
  • Create aliases (additional addresses that link to your inbox)
  • Amazing UI


  • Room for further integration with online tools and utilities
  • Navigation isn’t as lucid as Google’s offering

3. Yahoo Mail!

Yahoo Mail website.

Being one of the most experienced email service providers, Yahoo! Mail is striving to stay on top of the market by maintaining focus on its search engine and news portals (global news, finance, sports, entertainment, music and so on) that attracts huge traffic from various corners of the globe.

Although, Gmail and Outlook are still on top, with a major redesign Yahoo! Mail still enjoys significant market appeal among other email providers.


  • Effective spam filtering
  • Watch multimedia content (videos and slideshows) from your inbox
  • Create aliases (additional addresses that link to your inbox)


  • No support for online documentation and collaboration like Google Drive & Docs, Office Web Apps and SkyDrive
  • Not as feature-rich as the aforementioned competitors

4. AOL

AOL Mail website.

“You’ve got mail!” isn’t an unfamiliar tagline in the cyberspace. For what once was a king of the entire internet, America Online (or simply AOL) is still in the game, and appeals to a loyal email user base that has associated itself with the brand through the ages.

AOL received a significant update in 2012, when its development team completely revamped the service from the ground up.

The end result?

The new AOL gives a lot of flexibility and control to the users, letting them personalize their email experience in a multitude of ways.


  • Attractive and easy-to-use interface
  • Instant messaging support right within the site
  • Robust spam protection and security features


  • Limited email attachment size
  • No built in viewers for photos, videos, or doc files
  • Distracting ads

5. ZigMail (Closed)

ZigMail website.

ZigMail is very unlike your conventional inbox. It’s rather a service that keeps your transactional emails –basically those confirmation receipts from sites like Amazon and eBay – separate from your personal email account.

At the very basic, it automatically takes all shopping-related guff out of your main inbox and organizes it into a Zigmail account, keeping your main email account clean and healthy.

ZigMail also has a simple, unique and user-friendly interface that promises to simplify your email and inbox experience.


  • Sends a daily summary email regarding the status of purchased items
  • Works with all major email providers including Gmail, Yahoo and iCloud
  • Emails can be further organized into categories


  • Not an email provider in itself
  • The service is supported by ads which users may find obtrusive

6. Zoho Mail

Email services have been popping up in a variety of shapes and sizes, but seldom do we come across something as powerful as Zoho Mail.

Aimed at professional users, this freemium service is aimed at users who have custom domains and want to host multiple email addresses on Zoho’s server without paying any fee.

The service is also well-suited for those who want to collaborate and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations in an easier and straightforward fashion right from their web browser, something that would make Google Doc users quite jealous of.

However, the best bit about Zoho is that it sports absolutely no ads. An almost unheard fact in the world of free email accounts.


  • Sleek interface that ensure productivity, security and privacy
  • Zero ads user interface even for free account holders
  • Wide array of document files support


  • Free account only offers 5GB of storage
  • Confusing sign up process

7. Alto Mail (Closed)

This one comes directly from the folks at AOL. Currently in beta, Alto is a one-stop email organization solution for those of us who have several email accounts and are seriously in need of an alternative worth trying.

At its core, Alto is a web-based IMAP email client that lets you manage multiple email accounts on one website. The service supports all major email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and AOL Mail itself, among many other alternatives.

Alto is also pretty big on beauty and looks fairly elegant from top to bottom.


  • A super stylish interface
  • Automatically organizes your photos and attachments
  • Works with major email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Apple accounts


  • A few synchronization issues in beta
  • Many desktop based email clients offer more options and settings compared to Alto

8. FastMail

FastMail is a paid email service that caters to various segments including personal, business and family email.

The service sports plenty of amazing features and a stellar design that just works. And in case you’re wondering, the IMAP access is there too.

FastMail doesn’t have any native mobile apps, but its beautiful interface is very well optimized to work with every computer, phone, and tablet.

One of its most interesting aspects is the powerful anti-spam protection that keeps junk and spammy messages at bay.


  • Flexible pricing scheme that meet user’s requirements
  • IMAP access
  • 60-day free trial on every account type


  • No free plan
  • Lacks calendar and office apps
  • Doesn’t offer built in chat function like Gmail

9. Atmail

Email is one of the most important tools for any business and plays a crucial role in its success. If you’ve been looking to host your business email accounts on an effective service that offers many features, then Atmail is worth giving a shot.

It’s a great IMAP webmail client with all the bells and whistles. It’s really easy to manage, boasts great functionality that’s topped by an attractive design.

Atmail lets your team share contacts and calendars across accounts, and supports features like SPF and DKIM checks to keep your email accounts well protected and secure.


  • Fast and reliable
  • Compatible with any POP3/IMAP client
  • ActiveSync, CardDAV and CalDAV support
  • Offers email aliases


  • Self hosting email is not for everyone

10. Shortmail

Shortmail wants to do for email what Twitter does for Tweets i.e keep your messages short, precise and to the point, catering to the fast moving needs of our era.

What makes it stand out from the crowd is the 500 characters limit per message (hence the name short), just like Twitter has 140 characters limit for tweet updates. But this feature aims to enhance your productivity by avoiding long winded email replies.

Shortmail also has a really beautiful and simple UI, and allows you to use your existing Twitter handle as your Shortmail username.


  • Superb interface
  • 500 characters limit saves you from unwanted mass
  • Full POP/IMAP/SMTP Support.
  • Lets you use Twitter handle as Shortmail username


  • People wanting to send longer email messages will need to look elsewhere
  • Not enough features as the more powerful alternatives

And this concludes our extensive look at best email services. If you are aware of any other creative email service provider and think it should be on the list, feel free to let us know by voicing your opinions in the comments section below.

8 Best Email Clients For Windows That Will Shoot Up Your Productivity

The secret behind increased productivity is to use the available resources as efficiently as possible. The same goes for desktop based email apps. Having a dedicated email client not only helps you manage your inbox without having to fire up your web browser, it also lets you effectively handle multiple email accounts and as a result save a ton of your precious time. However, a lot of people simply get confused when it comes to picking the best email clients for Windows operating system. While the best, in this case, may vary for each one’s own perspective, here’s a list of 8 free email apps that are worth checking out.

Best Email Clients for Windows

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1. eM Client

eM Client

eM Client is one of the best email clients for Windows which is also very popular. It supports very simple interface that makes it intuitive to use. The application can easily handle multiple email accounts, though the free version limits you to add up to two accounts only. This limitation aside, eM Client comes with many nifty features such as the ability to import your emails, tasks, events and contacts from other email apps, SSL / TLS communication for full security, Skype support, easy account setup, support for Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail and other popular email services, and more.


  • A plethora of features for managing email, calendar, contacts, and IMs
  • Easily handle multiple email accounts including Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail
  • Ability to import data from your current email app
  • An RSS widget and full Skype integration
  • Simple interface and user-friendly interface
  • Three different skins; Modern, Classic and Arctic


  • The free version only lets you add two email accounts
  • Cold boot takes a lot of time

2. Zimbra

Zimbra client

If you’re struggling to keep up with your emails then Zimbra is another handy option. What makes it standout from eM Client is its tab interface which makes it easier to jump to the required features it offers. Besides email accounts, Zimbra also allows you to keep a tab on your social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. The interface may look outdated compared to today’s standards, but the application does a great job of managing your inbox and works great with services like Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft exchange out of the box.


  • Works offline and online
  • Allows you to read an email from POP or IMAP accounts including AOL and Outlook
  • Supports up to 20 different languages
  • Tabbed interface makes it easier to navigate
  • Unlimited email accounts support
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
  • Facebook and Twitter support


  • The GUI looks a bit outdated compared to today’s standards
  • The interface feels cluttered at times
  • High memory usage

3. Windows Live Mail

Live Mail Email Client.

With Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail app, you can easily manage and organize your different email accounts. This app is also one of the fastest desktop email clients I’ve seen. It loads up really fast – faster than both clients listed above – and boasts a dead simple UI. Windows Live Mail supports all popular email providers including Yahoo mail, Outlook, and Gmail, as well as many other business email services. Besides email accounts, it lets you manage your calendars and contacts, even when you’re offline.


  • Lightweight design makes it load up fast even on a cold boot
  • Low memory footprint
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Support for all major email services;  Gmail and Yahoo mail
  • Lets you handle an unlimited number of email accounts as well as calendar and contacts
  • Ability to manage RSS feeds


  • Not as feature-laden as many other alternatives

4. Opera Mail

Opera Mail.

Opera Mail used to come built into the Opera web browser –  a well-regarded application on desktop and mobile –  but now Opera offers the email client as a full-fledged standalone program that is very powerful and has a good amount of options.  If you’ve used Opera Next Mail, you’ll enjoy the same service, the only difference being not in the web browser anymore. It carries a plethora of options, supports all major IMAP and POP email services and its lightweight design makes it a good fit even for old machines.


  • Extremely lightweight design akin to Windows Live Mail
  • The tabbed interface is clean and simple
  • Support for regular mail (POP) and IMAP email accounts
  • Major services like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo mail are all supported


  • Still a work-in-progress as of this writing
  • Not as many features as other email clients for Windows
  • Very little customization

5. Inky

Inky Email Client.

Inky aims to outpace the competition by offering an elegant interface. Getting started with it is dead simple and if your email provider is Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook etc, Inky will automatically recognize and setup necessary configuration settings for you. Besides, it also delivers practical innovations to make your emails more usable. For instance, by automatically creating smart views that handle organizing everything from personal emails to daily deals to newsletters and more. But that’s not all, Inky connects your account to a cloud location letting you sync the same settings to every desktop and the upcoming mobile Inky apps.


  • Windows and Mac OS X support
  • Beautiful yet simple interface
  • Cloud account to automatically sync settings
  • Extremely simple setup for Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo
  • Light-weight design
  • Advanced filtering and sorting features


  • The interface feels quite confusing at times due to lack of navigation labels
  • No offline support

6. Foxmail


This Chinese email client is very powerful and boasts a pleasant design accompanied by many useful features, including a remote mail viewer to manage mail on the server, as well as a small scroll ticker that displays message subjects as they arrive in your inbox. Foxmail supports both Windows and Mac OS X machines. In addition, it allows adding POP3 accounts, as well as big names like Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail, and Gmail. Other handy tidbits include HTML email, mailbox encryption, multiple accounts etc.


  • A really nice looking interface
  • Windows and Mac support
  • Unlimited number of accounts handling including POP3
  • Fast and lightweight


  • The application is set to the Chinese language when installed that will confuse non-Chinese speakers
  • Sans-tabbed design makes it a bit unintuitive
  • Not very feature-rich

7. Mailbird


At first glance, you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that Mailbird looks quite similar to Inky or Sparrow for Mac. It sports the same navigation pane to the left and everything else also shares a strong resemblance. The email client is being touted for its supersonic speed as well as support for open source apps that further extend its functionality. For instance, you can add apps for cloud and social network management, read RSS feeds or handle your notes.


  • Very fast at retrieving messages
  • Elegant interface
  • A unique Wingman feature that tracks your emailing speed and reports it back
  • Plenty of open source apps
  • Account support for major email providers
  • Seamless offline access


  • Lack of features may disappoint power users
  • Wingman is only available in Pro version of the app

8. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

If you want an app that provides the best email experience, customization, aesthetics and powerful features, then Mozilla Thunderbird is the only choice. It has better security options and more power under the hood than any of the email client listed above. And what’s more interesting is its open source nature which makes it possible for others to tweak it the way they want. Starting from version 15, Mozilla also introduced the tabbed interface that further improved its navigation. In other words, Thunderbird is simply best in the business when it comes to desktop email clients.


  • Loads of power and customization features
  • Tabbed GUI makes navigation a breeze
  • Built-in news reader and chat client
  • Multi-account support for every email service out there
  • Low memory footprint
  • Cross-platform support


  • Subsequent development of new features will soon be stopped by Mozilla


So this concludes our compilation of the best email clients for Windows. Any other desktop email client you’d like to recommend? Post a comment and share. If you have any confusions you can simply contact us or leave the comment below.

How To Disable Charms Bar In Windows 8.1

 Disable Charms Bar In Windows


If you’re constantly annoyed by the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Charms Bar, which appears on the right-hand side of the screen when you move your mouse to either the upper or lower right corner, you’re not alone. While some users find it quite useful for instantly navigating SearchShareStart ScreenDevices and Settings options in the new Windows, many people label it an annoying quirk that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Charms Bar can also be quite distracting at times, especially when you shake it up every time you move the cursor over the Close button in an opened window.

And since you can easily display the Charms Bar by pressing the Win + C hotkey on your keyboard, the ‘Hot Corners’ feature basically feel a bit redundant on non-touchable Windows 8 and 8.1 PCs.

On the bright side, if you want to disable Charms Bar in Windows 8.1 then today we’re going to show you three simple ways to do this. Read on.

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Disable Charms Bar in Windows 8.1 via Taskbar Properties

The Taskbar and Navigation Properties window is the quickest way to disable the Charms Bar.

To do that, right-click Taskbar followed by clicking Properties in the context menu.

Then click the Navigation tab.

Now, under the Corner navigation section, simply uncheck ‘When I point to the upper-right corner, show the charms’ option and hit OK.

Navigation Tab.

This will disable it from the top right corner only, which means moving the cursor to the bottom right corner will still display the Charms Bar. To get rid of it from the lower corner as well, you can use ImmersiveShell key in Registry Editor.


Disable Charms Bar in Windows 8.1 from Registry Editor

First up, open Registry Editor by heading to Start Screen, typing regedit and pressing Enter on your keyboard.

regedit .exe

Now navigate to the following registry key in Registry Editor:


Registry Editor Windows.

Now go to ImmersiveShell > New > Key from the context menu, and then name the new Key as EdgeUI.

Immersive Shell Windows.

Right-click the EdgeUI key, point to New, DWORD (32-bit) Value and then name the new DWORD as DisableCharmsHint.

EdgeUi Registry Editor.

Now double-click the newly created DWORD value, type 1 and click OK. You may also need to reboot Windows for the changes to come into effect.

Once done, it will disable both the top-right and bottom-right hot corners that reveal the Charms Bar.

DWORD 32-bit Value.

Disable Charms Bar in Windows 8.1 Using Charms Bar Killer

The last and possibly the simplest method to disable Charms Bar in Windows 8.1 is using a free program called Charms Bar Killer created by WinAero.

You can download it from here.                 Download

When launched, Charms Bar Killer sits in the system tray and automatically kills the Charms Bar for you. You can also right-click its notification icon and enable Kill Top Left Corner to disable Windows App Switcher as well.

Besides disabling the hot corners, you can also set it to automatically boot at system startup, as well as hide its system tray icon.

In case you want to reactivate the hot corners, simply exit Charms Bar Killer and restart Windows Explorer from Task Manager.

Kill charms bar.


Voila! You’re now free from the ever-distracting hot corners of Windows 8.1.

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Zong Free Internet Trick 2019 Unlimited [100% Working]

Do you want to use the zong free internet? If yes,  congratulations you are at right place. In this article, I will tell you that how you can use it on zong sim without any effort. You just have to follow all the mentioned steps to get benefit from the trick. This trick will work on all android phones. If you have windows phone this trick is not for you. So let’s get started by wasting no time.


Zong Free Internet


Zong Free Internet Trick 2019

I will mention three free internet tricks for you. If one trick is not working for you don’t worry you can use the other method/trick to avail the offer. By using these tricks you can use free Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google on your mobile.

Zong Free Internet Trick 1:

Follow the following steps:

Step 1:

First of all download UC Mini Handler, Yoga VPN from the below mentioned links.

UC Handler

Yoga VPN

Step 2:

Install both apps on your android mobile phone by giving all the required permissions (if needed).

Step 3:

Open Yoga VPN. And click on ”Tap to collect coins” and then click on ”Go Option”. After a few seconds VPN will be connected automatically.

Step 4:

Open UC Mini handler you have downloaded from the above-mentioned link. And without changing any settings ”Click Ok”. Now you will see your browsing screen. Enjoy free internet browsing and streaming.

NOTE:  You can not use this trick with real UC Browser. You have to use the handler to avail this trick.

Zong Free Internet Trick 2:

This is the best trick if you want to use the free internet without installing any application in your android phone. It is the easiest trick I have ever found. So let’s start with the trick.

Step 1:

Open your android phone and go to message options and type a new message.

Step 2:

In the message panel type Y6pro(random five digit number) like Y6pro12345 and send it to 4111.

Step 3:

Now you will get a message from zong that you have availed this offer and your free internet is activated. So enjoy suffering and browsing.

But if you received a reply like ”This pin has already been used”. Then again send a message to 4111 but with a different code like Y6pro12354. Note: Y6pro remains same, only the digits next to it will be changed. By retrying these random codes you will surely get free internet for one whole month without any balance. So why are you waiting just follow the steps and avail the offer?

NOTE: This internet trick might not work as explained in your region. If not working properly then I will suggest you, go with trick 3 or 1 for free internet.


Zong Free Internet Trick 3:

This is by far the best internet trick I have ever seen. Using this trick you can get 9GB free fast internet for one month. The best part of this trick is that you can get this offer without installing any extra apps on your android phone. This offer is just similar to the previous offer because you have just to dial the code and when zong will validate your code they will award you the free internet without any extra confirmations. This best internet trick will work in nearly all the regions of Pakistan. So there are no chances that this trick will not work for you.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Step 1:

Open your mobile phone and go to type a new message on your mobile phone.

Step 2:

Type 856798  as your message and send it to 4111.

Step 3:

Wait for a few seconds to get the reply from zong.

Step 4:

Now you will receive a reply from zong saying that you will get your free 9GB internet for one whole month within 7 days. So what you have to do now just sit back and relax and left the rest of work on the zong so that they might check your code. This offer will surely work as I have personally tested and checked these offers for you before writing this post. So just wait for a moment and enjoy free seamless and fastest internet on your mobile phone.


So here I have mentioned all the free internet tricks for you. Please keep in mind that I have personally tested and verified these free internet tricks before posting it on my site. I have worked for weeks to find these internet tricks for you and I hope that you might appreciate it. If these tricks are not working, then you are just doing some steps in the wrong way. To get the most benefit from this trick you have to follow all the steps in the similar way as I have explained.

Also please note that these trick are time-based, they will work for a few days or months and then blocked. So if you are facing any difficulty in applying these tricks please drop a comment or message me on my facebook page so that I will update the trick.

I hope that you will like my trick and appreciate me by sharing on social media. Let me know about your views in the comments section. Stay tuned for more new tips and tricks. If you need more information or want to submit your own trick you can Contact Us.