Top 10 Online Earning Websites in Pakistan | 90,000 / Month

I know you want to make money online in Pakistan. And you are searching the internet but, the resources here are insufficient to fulfill you online earning needs. So don’t worry I am here to help you with this. Here I have listed top 10 online earning websites in Pakistan without any investment.

As you know getting office job is becoming more competitive day by day. A number of universities and colleges are here in Pakistan making hundreds even thousands of engineers and doctors every month. According to a recent survey in 2019, 60% of them remain unemployed.  So, you should not rely completely on these jobs. Instead you can work online and earn a decent amount of income. More than 90,000 Rs per month and through the comfort of you home.

You will find thousands of fake and spammy sites on internet. Claiming that you can earn huge sum of money in days and hours. They are here just to waste your time and money. Never ever trust these websites.

These websites generally ask you to buy some course, or invest your hard earned money. Don’t rely on these quick rich schemes. Instead work hard on these websites I listed below and you will surely see results.

So, without wasting any time let’s head towards our main topic.

Online Earning Websites in Pakistan


















10-Google Play Store

google play store


List of Online Earning Websites in Pakistan 2019

For you easy navigation I have also provided a list of these online earning websites. In case you are in hurry and need a quick go through you can follow up from here.

online earning websites in pakistan

  1. Fiverr
  2. YouTube
  3. Dailymotion
  4. Blogger
  5. Facebook
  7. Upwork
  8. Freelancer
  9. Olx
  10. Google Play Store

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So there I have listed top 10 online earning websites in Pakistan to make online online from the comfort of your home. Now it’s up to based upon your skills and passion that which earning platform you are going to choose. They include freelancing, blogging, youtube and some more. I tried my best to cover this topic in detail. If you still feel any confusion or didn’t gone through our whole guide. Follow up our BULLETED LIST for quick go through.

Thanks for being an amazing reader. See you 🙂 .

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