18 Most Popular Chrome Extensions Every Internet User Should Know

Many internet sources claim that Chrome is now the most popular web browser in the world. It is rare to find someone who doesn’t use Chrome as their default browser. That’s why I am listing Most Popular Chrome Extensions here.

Perhaps the main reason for its rapid growth since its inception is the Chrome Web Store that carries a gazillion different extensions and apps in an easily accessible way. You can download a plethora of extensions from there absolutely for free.

However, have you ever wondered which are the most popular Chrome extensions that almost every user have on their computer? Well, let this handy infographic sums it up for you. The infographic mentions 18 extensions that are currently reining Chrome Web Store, along with their total download count (i.e. users), overall rating and a mini description.

I wasn’t surprised to see AdBlock taking the top spot followed by AdBlock Plus and Avast Online Security. Pinterest’s Pin It Button is also on the list. Check out the full infographic below.

Source: BestPlugins.

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