Block Spotify Ads With Single Mouse Click Using EZBlocker

Are you irritated by Spotify ads? Don’t worry. You are at right place.

Spotify is the video and music streaming service. It’s a kind of a cross between Pandora, and iTunes. But one minor nuisance with Spotify’s free account is that you may have to listen to small music ads which streaming music or video on your Spotify application. Although we don’t mind advertisement – that’s how music streaming companies afford their expenses and would pay for their bills – it can be very annoying when you are listening to music or watching video on your app and this simply disrupt you. So you might be searching that how you can block Spotify ads.

EZBlocker is an excellent application that lets you block your Spotify ads with just one single mouse click. Yes, single click.

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Block Spotify Ads

EZBlocker lets you block ads in a fairly simple manner. Whenever Spotify plays an ad, the application displays a notification balloon near system tray area, and you can click this notification to mute the audio. Having done that, the ads keep running in the background with no sound at all and the audio automatically comes back to normal when the ad has ended and your next song begins to play. It’s worth mentioning here that other system sounds from your computer remain intact when muting the ad with EZBlocker

The application itself is open source, having its source code available at GitHub. There isn’t much to talk about EZBlocker’s interface, apart from that it comprises of a miniature window which carries three buttons labeled Add Current Song to Blocklist, Open BlackList, and Mute/Unmute Spotify.

How to Use It On Your Computer

If you don’t simply know how to use it on your computer then you can simply follow these steps:

Step 1:

Getting started with EZBlocker is fairly easy. You simply need to download it from below link no installation required.


Step 2:

Run the EZBlocker.exe application with the right mouse click and then selecting “Run as Administrator”.

Step 3:

Now you will see a small dialogue box appeared on your screen.

Select the first two options:

1- Mute only Spotify.

2- Disable all ads ( Experimental).

Now it starts running automatically in the background and will be surely blocking all your Spotify ads without any hassle.

NOTE: Running EZBlocker on your computer may require NET Framework 4.5 or above. If needed you can download from below download link. After downloading install it properly and repeat from step 2.


Other Options:

You can also control EZBlocker via the aforementioned buttons on its interface to block add, mute or unmute Spotify and open blacklist (more on that later). Minimizing this window sends it to the system tray.

As demonstrated in the screenshot above, EZBlocker displays a notification whenever an ad or next song is played, which consists of the title of the song or advertisement. All you require to do is click this notification and EZBlocker will do the rest. The notification bubble changes into another messaging stating the ad is playing in the background.

The application also keeps a log of all the blocked ads in Blocklist TXT file so any blocked is automatically muted in future. The log file itself comes with some popular ads predefined out of the box, which means you won’t get bothered of those Nike or Carbonite advertisements even if you haven’t manually clicked them yet. You can open the blocklist file via clicking Open Blacklist button the EZBlocker’s application window.


Although EZBlocker is a great free application. Its only shortcoming is that it always displays a notification regardless of ads or a song. Which means users cloud end up accidentally muting a song. Other than that it’s simple and pretty handy for what it does. It works on all versions of Windows operating system, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The suggested method to mute these ads is to opt for Spotify’s Pro subscription. However, if you are a windows user and have Spotify installed on your windows and don’t have a Pro account, follow guide.

Follow this video guide if you are having any issues.


1-How do I install EZBlocker?

No installation required to run EZBlocker. Just download it from the above download link and place it in any folder. To run the EZBlocker just double click and launch EZBlocker.exe file. Now it starts working in the background and will block Spotify ads automatically.

2-What If Spotify is Permanently muted?

There may be many issue EZBlocker facing while muting Spotify ads on your computer. In this case, you can simply uncheck the “Mute Only Spotify” option on EZBlocker.

3-Where can I find the source code for EZBlocker?

Source code & a technical description is available on Github.


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