Are you looking for the best video sharing Sites Like Youtube? Yes! you are in the right place. These Youtube alternatives are enough to satisfy online video needs.

Every one of us knew that youtube is the best platform to watch and upload videos online. You can also earn a decent amount of money by uploading videos to youtube and then monetizing them through Adsense. A lot of people go to youtube to watch movies and videos of their choice. Some watch youtube to get rid of their boring time.

Whatever the reason may be, you are likely to love youtube. But what if I say, Youtube is not your favorite video watching platform. Or you have some other issues with youtube. Then don’t worry I am here to help you.

Today I will provide you a list of 9 best video watching sites like youtube. So without wasting any time let’s head towards our main topic.

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Best Sites Like Youtube

So, below is the list of best video watching websites.

1- Dailymotion

After YouTube Dailymotion has remained the famous site of viewers. It founded in 2005. Its search panel has much resemblance with the YouTube.

The homepage is just like YouTube where you can search and browse your favorite video. This video sharing website supports a different variety of stuff like movies, news, music, entertainment and much more.

You can use Dailymotion website on the Apple or Xbox as well. This site has distinguished features as it provides the best quality professional videos. Dailymotion has advanced analytic tools that give the data-driven insight. You can upload your 4GB content, and it’s an extraordinary platform to share your videos.

This site has enormous viewers per month like it generally has 112 million visitors. The reason why the visitors get engage towards it after YouTube is that it has monetization rule and gives the related stuff below just like YouTube.

However, people are not much here as much on YouTube; the reason is that the upload size is very limit. This video sharing website has a lax rule for the safety of the content.

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2- Vevo

This video sharing website developed on December 8. 2009. Vevo is such an online platform which is best for music lovers.

If you are new in singing or passionate music artists looking for unique songs, then Vevo is the best choice.

On this website, you’ll get all the global music like French, Spanish, English, Dutch, etc. By browsing this video sharing site, you’ll get the latest updates of new artists and new songs as well.

You can find the famous tracks or playlist of the favorite musicians here. The drawback of this site is that Vevo doesn’t support videos other than music.

Anyhow, you can’t upload any video to this site. Vevo only entertains the viewers to music but doesn’t support the working platform for artists.

3- Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the most professional video hosting websites for musicians and film-makers. You can get here the best 4K Ultra HD video. The most prominent feature of this website is its unique design and interface which attract viewers.

Ah, the exciting fact about Vimeo is that it doesn’t support any ad, unlike YouTube. You can also enjoy its incompatible features as you can download the Vimeo on your iPhone or android. You can watch the videos offline too. Vimeo is an excellent YouTube alternative that allows the speed control and gives the best quality videos.

Its video uploading limit is very less, i.e., 500MB per week. This content space is low and insufficient for the pro content creator.

4- Metacafe

Metacafe is the YouTube alternative site for the people who’ve loved for short clips and stories. It has highly engaged visitors daily like 40 million monthly viewers. Metacafe has a unique and straightforward interface that gives different category section.

This video sharing website is old as it came into being in 2003. The video content uploaded here are of length 80-90 seconds to 20-25 minutes. However, if you are searching some complex and distinct topic, then this website is not suitable to choose. This YouTube alternative is best for viewers who want humorous content.

This website has less repute among the serious content writers because it doesn’t provide a very vast variety of stuff.

5- Peer Tube

Peer tube is the video-sharing website like YouTube in which the users can upload their videos. It is open source and decentralized software just like BitTorrent.

Its name comes from the fact that it a peer-based software. It has a simple interface and contains no ads in it. The most prominent use of this video sharing site is that you can upload content without the risk of getting banned.

6- The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the platform that has the storage of all the old videos. Internet Archive contains 279 billion web pages, 11 million books, and texts, 4  million audio recordings, 1 million images, and 100,000 software programs.

You can find all the collection of community videos, news, movies, religious videos and much more.

Students, experts, artists, and others can enjoy this video sharing website as they can upload their content here. This site has very vast uses as it helps to get old search for histories and news.

While other websites don’t provide such old stuff so if you’re searching something old it’ll be best to try; however, we’ve noticed that this site has all the old TV series and very less new content. For uploading any video on the internet archive, the most common format is H.264.

7- Twitch

Twitch is the website that designed for gaming purpose. All you can find here is gaming videos and live games. If you are a game lover, then you can join their online chat and do live gaming with others.

You can enjoy the games however it doesn’t support other videos. Apart from it, the drawback of this video sharing site like YouTube is that it doesn’t give sufficient payout to the users.

8- 9GAG TV

9Gag is a viral video sharing website especially if you are the Facebook user you’ll certainly be well aware of it. This site has a vast collection of entertainment like funny pictures, memes, GIFs, videos and much more engaging content. The 9Gag website entertains you with FUN OFF, NSFW WTF, WOW, and movies as well. Although NSWF is not suitable stuff for kids.

9Gag is such a video sharing site like YouTube which has endless amusing content which you can’t find anywhere.

The site has the disadvantage as well as once you start emerging towards it surely you’ll remain busy for hours with this site. Anyhow, 9Gag also contains some bad stuff which is not suitable to work on this website.

9- BitTorrent

BitTorrent is comparatively a new website which has less fame till now. This site has designed innovative section where you can traverse new videos. The individuals can upload or view videos without getting sign up.

List Of Best Websites Like Youtube | Youtube Alternatives

For your easy navigation I have also included the bulleted list.

  1. Dailymotion
  2. Vevo
  3. Vimeo
  4. MetaCafe
  5. Peer Tube
  6. The Internet Archive
  7. Twitch
  8. 9Gag TV
  9. BitTorrrent


The viewers are looking for the best YouTube alternative sites in 2019 to fulfill their respective demands. However, by choosing the above-mentioned video sharing websites, you can upload and explore content in specific topics of that site. There are some versatile websites like the internet archive and Dailymotion that support all stuff. There are high chances that these sites will replace YouTube in 2019. In case you have missed our guide to Best Sites Like Youtube you can simply follow the link to read it thoroughly. I have also included the bulleted list for your easy navigation in case you are in hurry.

I tried my best to cover all aspects if you still have any query make sure to comment below or contact us. Thanks for being an amazing reader.

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