40 Best Windows 8 Themes To Transform Your Desktop

When it comes to customizing Windows, the choice is quite abundant. You can change icons, add widgets and gadgets, apply cool wallpapers and so on. But the customization also has to be functional. For this reason, third-party themes commonly found on sites like DeviantART are usually the best way to change aesthetics without compromising on functionality. They work as a central force that pulls everything together and brings an effective improvement to the stock Windows feel. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 40 Best Windows 8 Themes that are created by various DeviantART users.

Best Windows 8 Themes


How To Apply Third-Party Windows 8 Themes

Before we go further, let me first explain how to apply these themes. Windows 8, just like Windows 7 and its predecessors, doesn’t allow users to install unsigned third-party themes. One needs to modify three system files first – namely themeui.dll, Uxlnit.dll, and uxtheme.dll – before installing any theme file. Luckily, there are a few Windows applications available on the internet that let you easily patch these files.

UltraUXThemePatcher is the best one from the lot. All you have to do is install it on your system and it will automatically modify the required items. Once you’ve installed the app, you can download any of the themes from our Windows 8 themes list below and copy the .theme file to:

C:\ Windows\ Resources\ Themes

UltraUX Theme Patcher

Best Windows 8 Themes

Now that you’ve learned how to install third-party themes, it’s time to check our compilation itself.

1. Gray8 new red (by ~gsw953onDA)

Gray8 new red theme


2. Win 8 – Thrives (Closed)

Win 8 – Thrives


3. SG Flat (by ~s4r1n994n)

SG Flat


4. White Update (by ~s4r1n994n)

White Update Theme


5. Gnomnit Dark for Windows 8 (Closed)

Gnomnit Dark for Windows


6. Gnomnit VS for Windows 8  (Closed)

Gnomnit VS for Windows


7. Win Blue n Red (by ~s4r1n994n)

Win Blue n Red theme


8. Different Touch 8 (by *sagorpirbd)

Different Touch 8


9. Windows Classic Vs (Closed)

Windows Classic Vs


10. Mild 8 (by ~dIzzEE94)

Mild 8


11. Elune for Windows 8 (Closed)

Elune for Windows 8


12. Metro+ Luna (by ~Giro54)

Metro+ Luna


13. Simple Getuk (by ~s4r1n994n)

Simple Getuk


14. Nimbus for Win 8 (Closed)

Nimbus for Win 8


15. Snow Leopard Beta for Win 8 (by *sagorpirbd)

Snow Leopard Beta


16. Alduin W8 Port. (by ~charleston2378)

Alduin W8 Port


17. Clarity Test Visual Style Win8 (by *bhast2)

Clarity Test Visual Style Windows


18. areao4.8 (Closed)



19. Vista 8 Modern Mix (by ~MrGRiM01)

Vista 8 Modern Mix


20. FOURFX 13 for Windows 8 beta (Closed)

FOURFX 13 for Windows 8 beta


21. Base for Windows 8 (Closed)

Base for Windows 8


22. 8Look v3.1 VS for Windows 8 (by ~Carborunda)

8Look v3.1 VS for Windows 8 


23. Aero 8 (Closed)

Aero 8 


24. Work for Windows 8 (Closed)

Work for Windows 8


25. Tampoyak (by ~s4r1n994n)

Tampoyak theme.


26. Snowy v3.0 for Windows 8 (by ~Carborunda)

Snowy v3.0 for Windows.


27. Glow (by =Seahorsepip)

Glow theme.


28. areao4.8 (Closed)



29. Windows Vista VS (Closed)

Windows Vista VS 


30. TwentyThirteen for Windows 8 (Closed)

TwentyThirteen for Windows.


31. uniq8 vs beta1 for windows 8 (by ~Gr8StyleX)

uniq8 vs beta1


32. Apodio (by ~s4r1n994n)

Apodio theme.


33. dUMBaSS v8 (Closed)

dUMBaSS v8 


34. WhiteDior Visual Style for Windows 8 (by ~RidKurn)

WhiteDior Visual Style


35. Chameleon for 8-v1 (by ~gsw953onDA)

Chameleon for 8-v1 


36. Gray8-the light series (by ~gsw953onDA)

Gray8-the light series


37. Platinum Theme for Windows 8 rtm (by ~ZEUSosX)

Platinum Theme


38. Ourea (Closed)

Ourea theme.


39. Simplex RC for Windows 8 (Closed)

Simplex RC Windows


40. Abisso (dark Visual Style Windows 8) (by ~ezio)

Abisso (dark Visual Style) theme.


So there you have it – 40 best Windows 8 themes to transform your desktop. Just don’t forget to comment on the ones you liked or if you want to share more awesome themes that you think we’ve missed.

Updated: 10/11/2018: This article is updated. A few themes have been officially closed by their respected owners. For you ease I removed the download links pointed to them.



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