Viivo: Cross-platform Data Encryption Software For Your Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage services are a great way to ensure important files are always available to you in any place and from any device. They are becoming more and more common on mobile platform, and a handful of cloud providers are already serving a large chunk of our internet population. But have you ever wondered if your cloud files are really safe? Would you entrust your personal data to a company located on the other side of the globe, especially when the PRISM program made it quite clear that the NSA wants to get a hold of whatever information you toss online?

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If you’re an avid cloud user you might be sweating by now, but here’s the good news; you can easily encrypt your files using data encryption software before uploading them to the cloud drive. And for that, a cross-platform service like Viivo will prove extremely handy. Viivo is an impressive cloud data encryption application for Windows, Android, Mac OS X and iOS that can automatically encrypt your photos, music, videos, documents and other type of items before synching them to your cloud drive which includes Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive. The encryption it uses is military standard AES-256, so it’s quite strong to say the least.

Data Encryption Software That Actually Works

Getting started with Viivo is fairly simple and not all that hard or complicated; you need to create an account with the service and link your desired cloud drive to it in a few simple steps. And the fact that it works on desktop and mobile sounds even more interesting. The whole premise of it is to download and install its Windows or Mac OS X client to your computer and create a new Viivo account by providing your name, email and password credentials.

Data Encryption Software_Viivo_Login

Viivo  then sends you an account verification email before you begin using the service, so make sure you activate your profile via the confirmation link. Next, you are asked to to choose a storage that you normally use, where you have four options to choose from, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive or Viivo’s free subscription only works with Dropbox and the rest of the cloud options are only available to Viivo Pro or Enterprise plans.


The final step is to select your cloud and local folders, upon which Viivo creates a new directory in your cloud called Viivo-Encrypted where all your encrypted files are basically moved. The local folder on the other hand acts as your decrypted directory comprising of all your original files. Once ready, click Next to complete the configuration process.



The procedure to encrypt and sync your files to the cloud is also quite straightforward. The encryption process is handled by Viivo on its own so you won’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is copy your required content to the Viivo directory on your hard drive and they will appear in the cloud folder –Dropbox in the screenshot below — in an encrypted form. The encryption process is pretty quick and is done almost instantly upon copying your files. That said, encrypted files in your cloud folder can be easily identified via their viivo extension at end of their name.


Mobile App

It’s an obvious fact that many people now use cloud services and many form of other apps on their phones or tablets. Keeping that in mind, Viivo also offers Android and iOS apps that work equally good (if not better) as their desktop counterpart. Once installed, you can sign in to your Viivo account and begin accessing encrypted files located in your cloud apps within Viivo’s interface. The mobile client also supports all the aforementioned cloud services.

Data-Encryption-Software_Viivo_Android_Decrypted Data-Encryption-Software_Viivo_Android_Encrypted


Although the free subscription will suffice for Dropbox users, if you want to use additional cloud services and need a few extra perks like file compression, email and phone support, commercial usage and dashboard reporting, you need to opt for either Viivo Pro or Viivo Enterprise variants, where the former is currently priced at $4.99 / month.



While a service like Viivo isn’t a new kid in town, I can really see the need for its use and I think it can definitely serve a purpose for people who are always cautious about their cloud files and need to add an extra layer of protection to their data.

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