Use Your Android Device As A Mini Weather Station With WeatherSignal

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Galaxy S4 has been out for quite some time now on almost all major carriers around the globe. The device comes with many innovative features that make it a standout from the lot. One of those innovations is an all new Ambient Sensor which takes accurate temperature measurements from its surroundings. Taking advantage of that technology, OpenSignal has created an app that might change the way we check on daily weather forecasts.


Weather Station on your Android

OpenSignal cites that new Android devices now have many advanced sensors that if utilized intelligently can be put to many uses, such as to take atmospheric readings. And this is exactly what this app does. Whether you are using phone or tablet, WeatherSignal available at Google Play Store, will let you use your Android device as a mini weather station.

Although it works on almost every Android device regardless of whether it supports ambient sensor or not – which in all honesty is only available in Samsung’s flagship as of now – most of the things it offers can only be measured by Galaxy S4.

Speaking of WeatherSignal itself, it looks pretty sleek and boasts a handful of home screen widgets to keep things like temperature and pressure readings on your finger tips. It is also fairly refined and lets you measure local temperature instead of a particular city or town. So the next time you visit your favorite camping spot you will know what the weather would be like there.

The app can measure temperature (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius), pressure, humidity, light, magnetic flux and acceleration. Although OpenSignal acknowledges that the algorithms engineered for the app to detect weather are still experimental thus they may not convey accurate readings. The built in Google Map integration pinpoints your location, letting you know about your current vicinity.

The interesting thing is that whenever you check the forecast using WeatherSignal the data from your device is automatically uploaded to OpenSignal’s live updating server making it instantly available for other users to see.

Use Your Android Device As A Mini Weather Station-techattend Use Your Android Device As A Mini Weather Station-Map-techattend

You can specify which units to display on the app’s dashboard  in the Settings screen. Other options include switching temperature unit between metric and imperial. It also lets you to toggle options like acceleration, weather update frequency and so on. You can also manually share the weather to OpenSignal by submitting personalized weather report, for instance, whether the reading is indoor or outdoor, or if it’s raining or snowy outside.

Use Your Android Device As A Mini Weather Station-Settings-techattend Use Your Android Device As A Mini Weather Station-Share-techattend

In a nutshell, OpenSignal has brought a unique and interesting concept to the forefront that we haven’t really seen before. You can download WeatherSignal from Google Play Store for free.

And don’t forget to let us know whether you like this app by giving us your feedback using the comments section below.

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