Play Any Media File With Wondershare Player For Windows And Mac

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When it comes to media players, Windows users are really spoiled for choice. We previously introduced you to Safire – a visually stunning media player. Then there are others like KMPlayer, GOM, Media Player Classic etc, which are all behemoth of media players and considered the best in the business when it comes to playing audio/video files. But if you’d like to try something different than the above tried and tested candidates, then give Wondershare Player a shot. This Windows and Mac OS X app is designed to play any media file you care to throw at it. In fact, even though it may seem a video player on paper, the application also doesn’t face a hitch playing virtually any audio format either.

A player to play any media file

Wondershare is known for creating elegantly designed applications for desktop and mobile platforms. So its latest offering in Wondershare Player is no exception. It looks immaculate in its modern and classy interface. Its obvious mainstay, however, remains its extensive format support. The application allows you to play both the SD and HD content without any hassle. On the video front you will find support for a variety of popular formats such as MKV, WMV, AVI, MPEG, and many others. As far as audio is concerned, the app also effortlessly plays MP3, WMA, M4A, FLAC, AAC, among many others.

On its interface you will find playback controls like pause, stop, previous, next and volume at the bottom. The seek bar enables quickly jumping on to the desired part of your music or movie. Wondershare Player lets you capture screenshots from videos as well. Either press Shift + S or click the miniscule camera button at the bottom right.


Our first disappointment with Wondershare Player was its lack of customizable skins. Which means you’re stuck with what you get out of the box. On the flip side, there’s a Playlist pane which appears to the right and can be toggled on user’s preferences. Playlist allows you to keep your audio and video files a bit more organized as well as play a group of files without dragging and dropping media files separately. Small thumbnails of all the files that you play using this app appear in this playlist. There’s a small double arrow button in the Playlist pane labeled ‘Play Mode’ which basically lets you change playback mode to order, loop play, random play, single play and single repeat.


Here’s a quick walk-through to the right-click context menu. It enables you to browse media files on your computer, toggle Fullscreen or Mini modes, enable or disable hardware acceleration and deinterlacing, as well as switch audio tracks, subtitles and audio channels.


You can access Wondershare Player’s Settings window from the context menu (or via pressing F5). Although, there isn’t much to explore here in terms of advance features, you can change a multitude of application specific options under General, Play, Associations, Hot Key, Snapshot and Updates.

Play Any Media File With Wondershare Player For Windows And Mac Settings

All in all, Wondershare Player is a strong application of its kind with focus on playing a variety of audio and video files without requiring any third-party codecs. Even though, it lacks many advanced features that apps like KMPlayer or VLC offer, it is nonetheless a solid media player for managing and playing media files.

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  • Peter G

    What player would guys recommend? I moved to Wondershare from VLC because I got tired of VLC’s Windows 3.1 look. Wondershare looks nice, and works well, but I’d like to turn off the dynamic playlist option somehow (and I doubt there’s a way). I don’t like the fact that it keeps the playlist, and just keeps adding video’s into it as I watch more and more video’s. I’d rather if it cleared after I close the program.

    Any suggestions?

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