G Cloud Backup Automatically Backup Android Data To An Online Cloud

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In an attempt to target the fast-flourishing mobile market, many cloud companies have come forth to provide users with nifty ways of online data backup solutions in the form of cloud drive. In this rushed competition, there are a few striving to stay mobile-specific, such as Genie9’s G Cloud Backup app geared towards Android users. In essence, the app lets you backup Android data such as contacts, messages, call log, photos, music and videos stored on your phone or tablet to a secure cloud location, and lets you access it from wherever you have access to the internet via a neat looking web interface.

The feature rich and aptly named Android app carries a spectrum of features and boasts a native restore functionality to let you easily backup and restore everything from one device to another. This can especially come in handy when you upgrade to a new smartphone or tablet, or should your device ever gets stolen, in which case you’re gonna thank G Cloud Backup for the timely backup files it creates. Speaking of usage, you need to sign up with the service in order to use all of its features. Nevertheless, getting started with the service from signing up for an account to creating your first backup is quick and hassle free.

Backup-Android-Data-GCloud-Swipe Backup-Android-Data-GCloud-Signup

Looking at it’s main interface, we see three tabs at the top named Dashboard, Data, and Restore. Upon first usage, G Cloud automatically asks you to backup Android data from your device by letting you mark the type of items to include. As stated earlier, you can easily backup contacts, call log, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, and even system settings and browser data.

G Cloud’s strength lies in its automatic backup schedules. It’s an intelligent backup system which can be set to predefined user parameters letting you specify how often you want a backup to be made. You can set it execute at certain time period as well as only over the WiFi.

The dashboard screen displays information about your available cloud space as well as number of pending and existing backups. The restore functionality also works wonders, and does a great job everything back to the required device. All you need to do is hit Restore tab and select the device from where backup was pulled.

Backup-Android-Data-GCloud-Main Backup-Android-Data-GCloud-Backup Backup-Android-Data-GCloud-Settings

G Cloud also displays detailed pie chart about how much cloud space your data has consumed in total and breaks down this information for better understanding and analysis.

Backup-Android-Data-GCloud-Account-Details Backup-Android-Data-GCloud-Device-Details

Then there’s also a neat web interface which you can log in from your computer to view as well as manage your existing backups. Overall, G Cloud is a great service, with a nicely done Android app accompanied by a user-friendly web based dashboard that performs exactly as advertised. The free account offers 1GB of cloud space which can be easily expanded to 8GB via referring the service to your friends at social media including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Additional storage can be purchased for $32 a year or $80 lifetime subscription plans.


The app itself is available for free on the Google Play Store. Don’t forget to leave your questions and feedback in the comments section below.

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