10 Amazing Websites Of The Week – August 24th Edition [Web Saturday]

10 Amazing Websites Of The Week – August 24th Edition [Web Saturday]

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Internet is a wonderful place. Every week we present some of the most amazing website discoveries from across the world wide web – ranging from online blog creation tools to social media services to photo editors and whatnot. The aim of this series is to showcase a variety of useful web apps and tools for you so you don’t have to find them on your own. This week is no different, but before we go any further you may want to check out our compilation from previous week.

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From analyzing your mobile apps to discovering new events to fighting email spam, there’s a little something for everyone. Read on!

1. Whyd

Do you often find yourself using multiple online music sources such as YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud to listen your favorite songs? Then how about bringing every track from those sources in one place? That’s right, Whyd  is a brilliant website that does exactly that and allows you to consolidate tracks under one playlist.



2. Applause

Applause is a mobile apps analytics tool that measures app quality and user satisfaction, and can benefit businesses and app developers understand how well their apps fare among the competition. It analyzes more than 80 million reviews and ratings across 1.5 million apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, which can help companies to make informed decisions so they can win more users and earn greater loyalty.



3. Calester

Major concerts and sports events often sell out quickly, but if you’re desperate to see your favorite singer or team, it seems fairly plausible to get in by getting help from a web service like Calester. It is a one stop shop designed to help you and your friends discover events based on your vicinity and interests. The service is still in beta yet works flawlessly and offers users a gorgeous web based interface to play with.



4. MailDrop

We all know how frustrating email spam is. It fills our inbox, wastes our time and spreads viruses. Perhaps, one of the best ways to combat this nuisance is to use MailDrop, which keeps the junk out of your real inbox by letting you provide a temporary, throw-away email address to the required recipients. You don’t even need to go through any lengthy sign ups as MailDrop offers an instant solution without creating any mandatory account.



5. DropTask

Among the mobile, web and desktop platforms, you will find a plethora of task management apps. We’ve also featured a host of such web apps in our previous amazing websites posts. DropTask aims to standout from the crowd by making task management and group tasks a visual feast. After signing your entire team up for DropTask, you can assign tasks or groups of tasks to different people swiftly and intuitively.


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