A Revamped Facebook Timeline Is Coming Your Way

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A Revamped Facebook Timeline Is Coming Your Way

I can’t quite recall when was the last time Facebook Timeline was revamped to its present look. But I do remember that I was a bit skeptical about employing it. Until Facebook forced me to adapt to the change.

I must confess that the current UI felt quite a disaster to me at first because I thought my internet privacy was killed like a butcher slaughters a chicken. But oh boy, how wrong I was.

Despite a few misgivings, the freshly-designed interface was far from being bad. In fact it was much more intuitive than I originally thought. Thanks to the new time tree like design, I felt a bit nostalgic when I got the chance to see my previous activities on Facebook all the way back from the time when I first created my account.

And now that I’ve finally settled down with the change, it seems the social network giant is getting ready to throw another Timeline overhaul my way – but once again albeit for the better.

New Facebook Home

Facebook announced its plans of bringing a significant overhaul to its design earlier this month to an invite-only event stickered with “Come see a new look for News Feed.” tagline. This simply means that along with the redesigned Timeline you will also get to see a revamped News Feed, which is apparently the center stage of the website where we spend most of our Facebook time.

But what makes the new News Feed more interesting is its categorized pattern. Which means that all your content including images, videos, news etc that are shared by your friends or pages that you’ve liked, will be displayed separately from one other.

So what about the Timeline itself you might ask?

Well, the new design is tailored to give you more control over how your profile looks to your friends, and to the public in general. Moreover, it looks much better, especially the part where your name is displayed. Instead of displaying your name at the bottom of your cover photo, it’s now more like super-imposed on to the cover photo itself. There it looks more natural and distinctive from the rest of the text.


The new Timeline also boasts a larger display picture, which means you can flaunt your internet persona with much more prominence. There’s now a navigation bar right beneath your cover photo as well; it gives access to Timeline, About, Friends, Photos and other additional options ranging from your Instagram photos to your favorite TV shows. Your own recent activities like status updates also appear on the top left making it easier to distinguish them from the rest of the stuff.

If you click on the ‘About’ section, you will notice a Friends box to the left of the screen along with photos on which you may have been tagged, or the ones uploaded by you. The About section also contains a brief summary about yourself.

Facebook has already started to role out the updated look to users, and will continue to do so to more Facebook users in the coming weeks. I’m eagerly awaiting the moment when I get to use the new Timeline and its accompanying features.

Let me know of your thoughts in the comments section.

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