7 Best Xbox One Accessories That You Should Definitely Get

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The recently released next generation video game consoles are now the new norm. And while it may be the last home console iteration we’ll see from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo – owing to the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets – both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are here to stay for the next several years. Oh! and that Wii U might as well.

On one side, playing games on Xbox One is fun, but on the other, Microsoft’s new hardware also challenges other entertainment yielding devices in your home including your TV, set top box and satellite receiver.

It’s an all-in-one package that sports an updated Kinect 2.0 camera which now comes standard with every Xbox One. It also carries Blu-ray drive for games and movies, multi-tasking, streaming of Live TV channels and more.

Just last week we featured our compilation of best PS4 accessories that are totally worth buying. Today, we’ll take a look at the best Xbox One accessories that are equally worth it.

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1. Extra Xbox One Wireless Controller

Price: $59.99

An extra controller is a must for anyone looking to challenge their friends and family sitting next to their couch.

Sadly, akin to the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One also comes with only one controller out of the box. And although, the new controller is roughly the same size and shape as its 360 predecessor, you can’t use the former with the new console.


On the bright side, you can purchase an extra Xbox One controller separately for around sixty bucks from Amazon. There are various third-party controllers available as well from popular gaming brands, but nothing beats Microsoft’s official gamepad thanks to its significantly improved design and ergonomics over 360’s controller.

2. Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

Price: $24.99

Remember that awkward bump on the back of every wireless 360 controller for putting in AA batteries? Most of us simply swapped it with the Play & Charge Kit which was definitely an added convenience to keep the action going. And the fact that you don’t have to frequently replace AA batteries was another plus.


Fortunately, the same Play & Charge Kit is also available for new hardware. The Play & Charge Kit basically comes packaged with a rechargeable battery that fits in the battery slot. This battery is charged via the included USB cable which is also fairly long, allowing you to charge the gampad without interrupting your gameplay.

3. DreamGEAR Dual Charging Dock

Price: $34.99

No one would want their Xbox One controller sitting uncharged after they’ve bought some new titles. And while adding an extra controller in your arsenal does make sense in such situations, what if you find both your gamepads fully depleted? This is where DreamGEAR Dual Charging Dock comes to the rescue.


It’s a really handy accessory for charging not one but two Xbox One controllers simultaneously during spare time. The dock features LED charge indicator for each controller and ships with 2 rechargeable batteries that simply slip into the battery slot. To charge the controller(s) you simply need to snap in the USB side to the charging port.

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4. GAMEware Media Remote for Xbox One

Price: £19.99

Unlike PlayStation 4 which is championed as a gaming machine by industry pundits and designed for the hardcore gamers among us, the Xbox One is build as a fully equipped entertainment system designed to sit at the center of your living room.


That said, you can use GAMEWare’s Media Remote to control all the multimedia features of your Xbox One including Blu-ray playback, picture slideshows, Live TV, Xbox apps etc.

The wireless remote also looks pretty sleek and elegant, fully complementing the glossy chassis of Xbox One itself and works from up to 10 meters away.

5. Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card

Price: $59.99

The Xbox One, at its very core is made to connect to the outside world via the internet. And for that you need an Xbox Live Membership to be able to use anything that goes online.

Premium features like playing multiplayer games, access to Live TV, OneGuide, and apps like Skype etc only work on Xbox Live Gold accounts that cost a monthly subscription.


The Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card from Microsoft gives you full access to all these premium functions for up to one year. Of course, you may need to buy additional store credit for purchasing Add-ons or apps, but if all you want is online gaming then this Gold Membership card is all you need.

6. PDP Kinect TV Mount

Price: $19.99

The original Kinect camera for the 360 left a lot to be desired due to its slouchy performance. Kinect 2.0 sensor accompanying the Xbox One, however, is significantly improved over its predecessor.

It saves you the time and hassle of reaching the controller every time you want to wake up the console or switch an app. It also works much better when placed directly on the top of the television.


The PDP Kinect TV Mount is a small accessory that lets you mount Kinect sensor fixed on top of most modern HDTVs including flat panel LCD, LED and 3D ready televisions. It also looks pretty decent, features easy installation setup and build with rigid plastic that surely doesn’t look like to break so easily.

7. Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven: Premium Xbox One Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Price: $159.95

The Xbox One aims high in sound department as well. But to take full advantage of its audio capabilities, it’s worth shelling your money on some quality headsets like the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven: Premium Xbox One Surround Sound Gaming Headset.


The pairs in question are not actually out yet and will be arriving sometime in mid-February. But if you’re looking for something that offers highest quality audio and exceptional build than any other earcups currently available in the market, then these are definitely worth the wait.

This concludes our list of 7 best Xbox One accessories that you should definitely add to your shopping cart.

If you think we missed another great accessory, then don’t hesitate to leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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